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Over Training

This is a question for all. I have tried everything but i cant seem to lose my gut.I have decided to go on a 4 week shredding plan of 45mins of cardio in the morning followed by
a 1 hour wt training session in the evening, six days a week. I have time at hand these days and a good supply of supplements. I have about 20lbs to lose which i wanna do before embarking on a Mag10 plan? I would love ur comments on this.

I always ask people when they tell me “I’ve tried everything”, what was “everyting”. Anyways, have you seen the Fat Fast diet here in T-Mag? Or the Meltdown Training? I suggest reading about those. Also, has this “gut” been with you for a long time? Because you know the saying, “first on, last off”.

Have you tried a diet? You didn’t mention that. Do you keep a food log? And why did you title this ‘overtraining’? Anyway, read the “Diet Manifesto” article here at T-mag and the article called ‘the missing ingredient’.

You mention nothing of the diet you will use in your 4 week “shredding plan”. How many calories do you plan to eat daily, what’s your macronutrient breakdown, and lastly, do you plan on keeping a food log? If not, then no amount of exercise will help. Honestly, you could do four hours of cardio a day and still gain fat if you eat incorrectly for your goals and/or metabolism. Check out the article paul mentioned. It’s very useful info, and easy to apply.

do yourself a favor and skip the “boring ass cardio”…do a sprint interval workout, your burn more calories in less time and the amount of calories you burn the hour after exericise will be much larger than with prolonged cardio. Wait an hour after your cardio workouts before eating, take MD6 a half hour before, and make sure you that consume some higher glycemic carbohydrates with your post cardio meal. There is lots more, but that is my suggestions for your cardio workout anyway.