Over Training

I am trying to lower my bodyfat, so I am on a hypocalorie diet. After my workouts, for about four hours, my muscles are weak. I can not lift push things around that are normally easy.
I am workout out too hard? I am losing only a pound a week and my strenght is slow going up. But I am concerned that I am over doing it.

If your poundages are going up it’s hard to believe you’re overtraining. You’re most likely either undereating postworkout or if you are eating or consuming a postworkout meal high in carbs already (?) you’re just feeling the effects of the depleting workout combined with high insulin from the carbs.

I would love to go crazy here and name numerous sources but i don’t have the time, but yes you are way over doing it. Your muscle catabolism is probably though the roof, hopefully you’re doing some type of recovery, but with 4 hour workouts it would not be sufficient. Please in the name of all that is good cut your work outs down.

I agree with what the others said. Especially I know if my postworkout nutrition is lacking my recovery also does. As a rule of thumb “you should put as much effort into repairing your body as you do to tearing it down.”