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Over Training or Over Thinking?

Hi, I know there are a lot of posts on the topic but I need some advice on a more specialized level:

17 year old
5 months serious lifting
195 on a light bulk (3600 calories on days, 3200 off)

I’ve recently added special trap sessions (weak point training) to my WS4SB template on my first and last workouts of the week. However, today, looking for something to do, I sorta got pumped to do some shrugs so I did trap bar and hise shrugs.

Would I be ovetraining if I continued with my trap workout on saturday? My tuesday routine was two trie sets of shrugs ( different angles) and hise shrugs. My planned saturday routine is 5 by 5 powercleanes from blocks and a few sets of dumbell shrugs.

I will be eating about 300 more calories on my on day to compensate for some of the work, and have already taken some recovery measures ( contrast showers, stretching.)

Am I overthinking this at my age? I just really don’t want to sabotage my gains.

Thanks in advance.

I dont think it would be overtraining. If you work them on tuesday individually, then in a compound on saturday you should be completely fine. Especially at your age.

On an unrelated topic. Dont worry about counting calories. You are young. Just eat.

Your okay.

Keep eating don’t worry about cutting cals.

and grow big!!!


More overthinking. You wont overtrain

At your age, with a good diet and plenty of sleep, it’s rather hard to overtrain anything.

If you start to feel DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), if you have a sudden drop in strength, or if you just start to feel like crap, take a break from lifting and rest-up for a couple of days.

Quick Answer:
You’re not overtraining as long as you sleep 6+ hours a night (necessary for recovery, 8 is recommended).

Longer Answer:
I’m 23
5 months serious lifting
8 hours/night sleep
7% bodyfat (every ounce in my chest and belly, always amazes me how it’s concentrated!)

I’m doing Dr. B’s Precision Nutrition (not counting calories for a few weeks till I accomplish the first goals). Was eating around 4200 a week before I stopped counting (now they’re significantly lower for a while but I feel great).

I started lifting on my own for the first 2 months, did CW’s 10x3 for fat loss, and now am doing his Bodybuilding’s New Frontier high frequency program putting in 8 workouts a week. I do contrast showers, dynamic stretching (from the magnificent mobility dvd), and just started using a foam roller. In addition to spending about 12 hours a week doing this, I dance 6 hours a week, and often go hiking on the weekends for a full day to relax. I wasn’t very active before lifting weights, so being 17 with much the same stats (though I don’t know your height or bodyfat), as long as your diet is fairly clean and you’re sleeping, you’re fine.

I’ve overtrained in the distant past… happened because of bad diet and lack of sleep… with adequate sleep and diet (especially with only 1 workout a day), I think it’s almost impossible to overtrain.