Over training / injuries

Hey guys, I have been reading quite a bit on the posted messages and I keep on seeing the words “over training”. I have the old school mentality that you can never do enough and I try to train twice a day for baseball. I now think I am wrong. Inuries can happen from over training. My question is how much tarining is too much? Obviously it would be different person to person, but what is that fine line? Any help you guys could give me would be great.

Quality of training, IMO, is more important than quantity. There are factors that indicate a overtrained state, however, it’s highly individual as to when someone becomes overtrained. I’ve been reading alot lately here on the forum that as long as you’re eating enough quality foods, that overtraining could be avoided. But I do wonder that. Probably depends on your age - I believe as you get older you’ll require more recovery time between workouts.

As for your training, you should check out www.renegadetraining.com - there should be a training program available for baseball.

Indeed, individuals differ. Unless you are taking some form of anabolics for strength/growth and recovery, there is little chance that training 2x/day will give you optimal results. The injury potential is much higher as well.
What kind of training are you doing for baseball? Plyometric? Speed? Power? Explosive?
To optimize your training, get your nutrition in order FIRST. This will help greatly in the recovery process.
Check out John Berardi’s nutrition articles for knowledge that can’t be beat.

Symptoms of over-training: lack of energy, less enthusiasm for going to work out, increased colds & other minor illnesses, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and yes, injuries. Among other stuff.

Any of this sound familiar?

Hey BODY, I sometimes do 2x a day training. I do plyos and speed trainng 3x a week and also 2x a week do cardio. I also lift 6 days a week. This would be the twice a day training. I have read the nutrition articles and they are great. I am eating a lot of poultry, beef, tuna and oatmeal for breakfast. I might also get the MAG 10 and see how that goes. Let me know what you think. It is the offseaon now for college baseball so I training twice a day. Let me know what you think. Thanks

Before jumping to the conclusion you are overtraining you may want to consider whether you are training properly. You note you are training for baseball - does that mean you are doing 2 daily workouts on the field / batters cage or are you mentioning your weight training. This really gets into the issue of if your program reflects the needs of a baseball player. I would be happy to discuss more. In faith, Coach Davies

Does anyone remember a couple years back, when Dan Duchaine said one of the main indicators of overtraining was to take your temp first thing in the morning and if it changes then you should back off on the gym for a couple days? I personally think that when you walk out of the gym feeling whooped down that you went too far. Whatever muscles you worked that day should feel whooped but you should not feel physically like you ran a marathon. Legs and Back days can make me walk pretty close to that line though. :slight_smile: