Over-Training & Immune System

I train very hard, and have been doing so for 30 years. I’ve always had bad sinuses, and I always seem to get a bad sinus infection/upper respiratory infection combo at least once a year. Usually when this happens, I just train through it. My training regimen is intense but short. It’s usually comprised of about 15 sets, most done to failure, in under 30 minutes with weights 4-5 days a week, and go to the track to do a combination of sprints (100, 200 & 400 meters) for about 45 minutes. The problem is, this yearly combination of symptoms will upwards of 6 weeks. The symptoms are: runny nose, headache, bronchitis, earache, red mucous-filled eyes, and sometimes even diarrhea. These symptoms are so varied, so I can only assume it is from a general weakening of my immune system from over-training, or an allergy attack followed by some secondary infection. I get an attack every year around the same time, usually around June. Anyone ever experience this or know someone who has? It really frustrating because eventually I end up taking at least a week off from training.

Consider seeing an allergist and getting tested. Symptoms that recur at the same time each year are often associated with local allergens (ie, something blooming that you’re allergic to).