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Over the Knee Wrist Curls for Rehabbing Sprain

My sprained right wrist has all but cleared up. My physio told me to wait to the 10 week mark (another 4 weeks) before recommencing my powertwister training.

He said to do wrist curls and pronations.
I tried the over the knee wrist curl today for sets of 10.
I was shocked how weak I was - 26kg for a hard set of 10 towards the end. The lighter DBs were dead easy.
Also did wrist twists with the 6kg DBs fairly easily.
Any ideas of how to structure a plan that would lead to me closing my harder powertwister suppinated using the wrist curls . It is a very wrist-centric exercise.
I would grateful for your suggestions.

Here is the exercise performed the top arm wrestler in the USA Daniel Moser.

I’m just going off of a gut feeling here but I feel as if when you are doing it to rehab the wrist you want to train through as much ROM as you can without aggravating pain. So going from full wrist extension/dorsiflexion to full wrist flexion.

I don’t know what powertwister training is, and I assume from the content you posted that a half-ROM wrist curl has more applicability to your sport, right now you want to load the tendon in an effort to support the recovery process.

If it was a sprain in the tendons continuing with your physios recommendation make sense. I’ve had some tendons respond better to heavy, moderately frequent loading, and some respond to high-volume, moderately frequent loading, as well as moderate loading, and daily frequency. Sometimes even twice daily.

You could even conceivably commit a week to each modality.

So, like 3 sets of 30-50 reps (3s eccentric, 3s concentric) for high-volume. 3x/wk, maybe 4.
3 sets of 10-15 reps for “heavy” work, 3x/wk.
And, 3 sets of 10-15 2x/day for light work. Or start at 90 reps per day and work up to 180 per day.

@j4gga2 might know the best way to schedule the modalities.


Appreciate the tag @Voxel but I don’t feel comfortable to provide advice on wrist injuries


Thanks I will give something similar a go.