Over the Counter Aromatization Inhibitors?

Anyone know of any good over the counter AI’s? Any of the stuff from GNC work?

DIM would be the only one I know that does much of anything.

10 years back or so they did something, it wasn’t as much as the pharma stuff but still.
Really anything from GNC is just a potentiator. Which means it helps the potential of the given target. Like if we could only absorb X amount of protein for Y amount of whatever. Now we only get a rather small amount of Y in just about any diet. So we go to GNC and buy something that is high in Y or allows more Y to be salvaged from our food. Just because we would in theory have more Y and thus be able to absorb more protein it doesn’t mean we will absorb more protein we just have to potential to do so.
That’s a very basic generalized concept of a potentiator.

So a potentiator that claims increased ability for Aromatase Inhibition would most likely just be something needed in the production of the enzyme or something needed in the release process of the enzyme. So really it wouldn’t give you any appreciable results.

Keep in mind the stocking restrictions only apply to corporate stores, the franchises have more leeway in what they choose to carry and sell.

Formestane, arimistane… however these aren’t drugs to be playing around with

One is a suicidal AI… theoretically formestane is a prohormone/anabolic steroid

Formestane is a first generation aromatase inhibitor used for the treatment of ER positive breast cancer. It’s an analogue of androstenedione. Was used IM AAS oral bioavailability is low, thus I don’t know how effective it actually is :confused: . Converts to 4-hydroxytestosterone, dosages for women were pretty high (around 500mg e2w If I recall correctly). 4-hydroxytestosterone, similarly to epitiostanol (non c17aa variant of epistane) have ER antagonising/aromatase inhibiting properties… and the amount of aromatase inhibition documented at these dosages was actually pretty high (80-90% if I recall correctly) however the side effect of… you know… irreversible virilisation is a bit off putting…

Arimistane is supposedly a metabolite of boldenone (for all those who say EQ crashes their E2… this is probably why. Suicidal aromatase inhibitors bind to and literally destroy the aromatase enzyme, when use is ceased it takes the body a little while to synthesise more aromatase, so if you crash you’re E on this stuff it may stick around for a while… either way unless you’re on like a gram of test, you (usually) don’t need an AI