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Over Stimulation


I have always been extremely tolerant of stimulants. In fact, one of the best supp stacks for cutting has been HOT-ROX, Hydroxycut Hardcore, Lipo 6, and ALCAR to help avoid being burnt out.

However, I wanted to get guys opinions and information on two things. First, I want to replace Lipo 6 with something better as I feel its not that good.

Therefore, I'm curious as to what other people have tried and what is good. Secondly, barring all else, I was even considering adding in a fourth stim and since that would be a lot of stims, was wondering what people's opinions are, whats the worst that could happen if I overdo it, etc. Thanks in advance.


Uh first question: wtf is wrong with you?

If you need over a 1000 mg of caffeine to function something is wrong.


Thanks for the reply. Very helpful.

Obviously, I don't need it to function. I have an extremely slow metabolism and while its easy to put on muscle, its also really easy to put on fat. Supplements are an extremely big help in order to cut weight for me.


yeh what does your diet look like?


Right now, Anabolic Diet. I understand how diet and exercise play a role in fat loss and have been training for 6 years now. While I do appreciate all help, this thread was started in order to find out specific information pertaining to fat burners/stimulants. I

have done a wide variety of diets including the v diet, and after having used this stack 4 times, have found it to be the best thus far in order to drop fat and keep my strength up.

EDIT: I do completely understand this is way above normal and perhaps even safe. I have done it before so I know what it feels like, however I am trying to find out as much information as possible in order to improve upon my fat burning supps. I apologize if I am coming off as rude, its just that I am used to asking for advice/opinions and people jumping down my throat, even on here.

If you have facts and evidence, or even constructive criticism, I welcome it completely.


So are you a little chubby and trying to get lean or already lean and trying to get shredded or what?


I'm up to 15% bf now after my last strength-gaining phase and after a 2 week maintenance phase, will begin cutting to get back to ~9-10%, which will hopefully be around 215 lbs, if all goes well.


That's only 10 lbs of fat to loose. I bet you could do that in a month with just diet if you stayed strict enough. Hope you get an answer to your question. Good luck!


I don't have alot of knowledge here, but I'm currently reading a book which has a whole chapter about this stuff.

If you want, PM me your email and I'll send it to you.


What's the worst that can happen? Heart attack, stroke, or death.


I am not trying to be a dick but stacking that many stimulants together is stupid. Further, the fact you can tolerate that much caffiene (well over 1.5 grams a day) on top of other stims is indicative of some other problem. Just take the reccomended dosage of one sitm, or a REASONABLE EAC stack dosage, and save yourself the heart problems.