Over It, Australian Doctors are a Joke

So i have been cruising along the past year taking primotestion at .5ml twice a week.

Things were going well, life took ahold of me was drinking too much over winter. So trying to shed weight atm.

Then the shortage hit, so I booked an appointment with my dr in Brisbane. I asked what are we going to do he told me there are no options.

I ask ok, then are you going to help me try to restart. Answer no.

So i said ok so just buy from an ugl. He didnt care.

Then he asked if i was still taking armidex i said no it was a liquid version not sure if it was working and it would now most likely expired. Should i buy that online too.

Then i asked about the intermittent testi pain. He wrote a referal for an ultrasound. I said there is nothing wrong with them will you finally give me hcg.

Answer - no

Ok can you recommend someone on the gold coast or Brisbane.

Apparently there is only 2 people in the public system who do. One on the gold coast and one on the sunshine coast.

What a fucking joke, the dr who initially put ne on trt wont help and is fine if i buy from a ugl.

Australia is so backwards.

Did you hit up the good compounding pharmacies?

Not yet, ive been working 14-16hour days for the past month.

Cant wait to do nothing this weekend. Still have 1 thing to do but that will only take ten minutes.

But ultimately whats the point, if my own dr is saying buy from a ugl. Doesnt make sense to unless price is drastically different.

Hey mate , I’m pretty sure sustanon is still available ( it costs more I know ) but surely your doc will prescribe you that until the primo is back in town ? Only if your not keen on starting back up again , sounds like your doc has just washed his hands of one of his patients what an arsehole , hope it’s not the one I see !! :rage:

Hey Wilso,

Ive been told by my chemist sus250 isnt either i picked up the last lot he could get. They didnt even make the shelves at the distributor and they were mine. Distributor is now out.

My gp was happy for me to switch around and gave me the script.

But the andrologist was useless just wanted to collect my 130$.

Ive picked up some referals for bloods but i dont see the point im going to be all over the place with my stock of primo and sus

Far out I didn’t know sustanon was on the back burner as well ! Something serious must have gone wrong with a key ingredient at these joints for everyone to be out , I have enough for 50 days left then looks like I’m in the mud like a few other fellas , I really hope this is a wake up call that Australia needs to open up to more suppliers of test , most of us are on TRT for well being but there would be patients who need it for more serious conditions , what are these people to do ??

I doubt it, Australias stance on Anabolics is the same as towards recreational drugs but whats worse than them all is speeding. Remember boys and girls every k over is a killer.

Australia is a joke full stop, it wont change shit because what happens is the government has stockpiles for use in hospitals. And then when the price point keeps going up the leftovers go to the US who pay the most.

So in reality the government dont know or care about us plebs.

Luke f**k i had a dr agree with me to buy from a ugl. Something is wrong with this country.

That’s so fucked , I’m not sure I could ever pin anything I bought off the net , you just have no idea what is in that shit could be plain old oil , could be plain old toxic shit stirred up in a kitchen sink , but like you say what else are we meant to do ?? Backwards mate , obsolutely backwards

You should have demanded the next best thing: Sustanon (still plenty available in some areas), compounded test e will be available in a few weeks, compounded test c is available, even gels etc would be better than nothing! I’d fuck that doctor off and find someone who will prescribe HCG, there is no reason not to. Call the compounding pharmacies and ask which doctors script for HCG, go see them even if not public system and give reasoning for why you need HCG and T. I went through 1 GP and 2 endocrinologists who were unhelpful and cruel with their mistreatment. I now see a Perth based doc who travels to east coast to see patients and then has phone follow ups.

Yea ive got a small stash from shopping around. Mate has put me on to a ugl he claims is legit. So im going to move a bit of crypto around and test them out.

But at the same time will try the compounding pharmacy and see where that leads me.

Fair enough man. I share your frustrations, our country is fucked with this kind of thing. I’d personally stay away from UGL and keep persisting finding a doc. Good luck!

Yea i dont want to go down the ugl path but i dont want to keep spending big money on a dr only to be told no each time.

Its a catch 22

You need to find another doctor. I recommend Dr z from Perth.

If only i was in Perth. ;(

Can you pm his details? I cant find a Dr Z on google from perth.

Cheers bud.

As I said in the edit, he travels and does phone follow ups! But yeah, there could be someone in your area (who would likely be cheaper) that the compounding pharmacies can hook you up with.

I don’t have the ability to send PMs sorry man.

Here is an interesting article on trt for you to check out though :wink:


Sheit, all this time i never knew i was a woman past my prime :joy::wink:

Cheers buddy.

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