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Over-Head Squats

Do you do over-head squats? What do they do for you that a regular back squat doesn’t?

I just started doing overhead squats with relatively low weight, and so far it’s been more of a flexibility and balance thing than strength. I don’t know about those who’ve been doing them for longer periods of time and can use heavier weights; I’m just talking from my own experience. However, I’ve found that they really work my lateral delts.

I do them because they help me stand up from a heavy snatch, but here are a bunch of other reasons to do them:


overhead squats make you look like you’re crazy in the gym, hence the reason I do them. Plus they make you stabilize your whole body and make you freaky strong, squat on!

I do them for hip flexibility and better core strength. I was have some lower back issues that keep me from putting a lot of weight directly on my back, so much of my squatting is either front or overhead.

That being said, doing overhead for a while has really brought my back squat along very nicely.

Another reason? Priceless looks in the gym.

good article.

My reasons: flexibility, help with the snatch, and I like to do exercises which are hard, because you benefit the most from them.