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Over Doing It?


At what point do you know you're pushing yourself to far? I play DDR on heavy mode, while this may seem silly or dumb it can be very physically stressing but its not uncommon for friends to push themselves playing on and off for hours a day or until there legs turn to jello.

This is much like HIIT in the sense that it requires 1:30 bursts of energy per song, usually you do one or two extremely stamina draining songs with one easy song in between.

Still, my stamina nowhere reaches some of my friends (although I am much more fit after playing for 5 months in the arcade) I do want to give my stamina a boost but also don't want to overdo what I am doing especially since I'm moving back to Maine so my access to the machines will be an almost daily thing. I was debating doing renegade rope training to get my stamina/agility up(to be able to do the hardest songs on the game, 10 footers - which I cant do yet.

To give you an example 10 footers have over 1000 steps/jumps in about a minute to 1:30 time period I can only get about 1/2 way through the 10s before my body tires to much) but then I got a thought that I could be over exerting my body already when I play DDR for extended periods of time.

If you feel the need to lecture me please do so. I would like to know if what Im doing or want to do is unhealthy.


Yes, very unhealthy. You need to go outside and play with the other children.

Sorry, couldn't resist :slight_smile:


Try reading Chad Waterbury's article on frequency of training. You just might be on to something if you are DDR'ing every day.
Perhaps you can mix it up a little bit, do some DDR one day, some tap and jazz dancing the next, then a rest day. I like 5X5 DDR's with a 20lb weight vest.

I'm sorry, I can't help being sarcastic. If you aren't in any pain and you don't have any injuries from what you are doing, then don't be too concerned. If you are having any kind of knee, ankle, hip, or any leg pain then you might be getting some kind of repetitive injury and then you are overdoing it.


Hardy har har

But thank you. In all honesty, as funny as it is. If I could afford an X-Vest I'd wear it while DDRing.


Umm...so this is a game we're talking about? Well whatever floats your boat...

As for overdoing it, your body is the best measurement for this kind of thing. If you're constantly fatigued and not seeing any improvements, then maybe a good rest would be in order.


when you say your body tires too much, are you talking about your muscles or your cardiovascular system? Both? Sounds to me like you need to raise your GPP (general physical preparedness) This can only be done slowly over a period of time, not in one summer. Figure out what the weakest link is then work on that.


in all seriousness, if you have been doing it that long, your body has probably adapted to it fairly well, so although it may have affected you in the beginning of your DDR hobby, I doubt it is of any consequence anymore, but I still would not schedule a leg day within a day of it.


Leg muscles only tire out after playing for a full day (on and off for several hours including food breaks) but its pretty close to playing straight for a few hours. Cadiovascular & muscle wise I wear down on the hardest songs(10's) rather quickly, like within a minute. Otherwise, unless Im attempting those it takes a long day of playing to wear me out at all.


Just see how it affects your heart rate and breathing and consider it some type of cardio.

For example, doing no hard sets could be simple low level steady state cardio. If you run out of breath and have to recover, you are doing something like HIIT, and so on.

Anyway, it sounds a lot more intense than a simple walk, so call it cardio and schedule it (control it) in your planning appropriately.


Isn't DDR that dancing arcade game?


DDR = Delicious Donuts & Ribs

Why do ya think she mentioned "heavy mode"...?


ddr is a joke i have a friend who weighs 275 and beats them all on hard v(heavy) except 2.

run out side for a half hour in 100 degree weather then complain.

this is a good joke thread it alomst belongs in the squat rack thread. like if u set up a ddr pad in the gym that would be classic


I have heavy friends who play DDR too, but they also have made no change to their horrible diets (or eat even worse), one of my heavy set friends is one of the best players in New England.
Ever see those heavy set people at the gym who work out obsessively then go eat McDonalds? Thats a joke too.

That being said, get on there and try it yourself before you knock it. I know extremely ACTIVE people who had a hard time (cardio wise)on light mode when they first started. As far as working out, I work Cardio wise 10x harder then I do at sprinting or other sports and I actually enjoy it. I set up my song sets(at least 15-20 minutes straight if not longer) to be more like HIIT rather then just going at the easy stuff for long periods of time.


I should also add, I play in an un-air conditioned arcade. It frequently is 10 degrees hotter inside than it is outside (and in New England it is MUGGY)and still keep chugging away at it (we have about 20 towels in the arcade just for wiping the puddles of sweat off the pads)


If you are going to treat it like training, treat it like training. Make sure you are getting proper nutrition on your breaks and getting enough rest etc.

And if you feel that your hardcore DDR training isn't getting you in the shape you want to be, theres always that miraculous thing known as the 'Gym'.

Out of curiosity... what are YOU getting out of playing DDR? From what i understand it costs money, quite a bit. Sure its a better way to spend than a pack of cigs as far as health goes, and it may be entertaining, and it may be even minorly cardiovascularly challenging. But im sure you could find better ways to get in shape and have fun. In my humble opinion, as always.



Sorry I have to ask. What the heck are you talking about? DDR?

I live in a remote corner of the world. Call it a sheltered life, fine. I don't worry about my car getting stolen. Unfortunately, I am at a complete loss about what is happening in the rest of the world.


Finally figured out what DDR is. For a minute there I thought you were talking about some role-playing game and I got all excited.

Anyhow, I'd definitely recommend Power Drive before this kind of activity coupled with plenty of stretching. Also, what kind of tempo are you using?


DDR == dance dance revolution right.
will explain it to those that don't know

I don't play or have any desire to but what's the routine you do?


OOOOH like Simon Says but with you're feet. Gotcha, looks like they are finally making an arcade game I could get into.


How often do you play DDR? If it's only once or twice a week, jump roping on other days couldn't hurt much.

I know all about overdoing it. I once played it so often my big toenail "died" and fell off, ala Don Vito. :slight_smile:

Try doing the easier courses (Soul 6, Naoki Standard, Nearly 180) on Oni/Challenge mode if you want to pass 9/10 feet songs. Less arrows, but much more pressure and it forces you to improve your skills. Kinda like The Bear or Overhead Squats. :slight_smile: