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Over Doing It?


I am currently doing HIIT 3 mornings a week and I have doing ST cardio 3 morning a week (no more than 30 minutes). Afternoons I am doing Y3T training.

I am currently on week 3 of the Get Shredded Diet AND doing IF (5 hour window).

So far, I have all the energy I need and feel great! I am lowering body fat a little each week and dropping my weight.

Some of my colleagues are saying that I am over doing it. If I feel fine and do not feel tired or ran down, should I stick with it?


Didn’t you kind of answer your own question?

You don’t need peer validation, especially since it seems to actually be working for you. Isn’t that enough?

Now, if you start feeling tired and run down, or stop losing weight, that’s different.

I was wanting outside validation. sometimes i tend to get over confident on training and i appreciate outside input.

the personal Trainer at my gym was one of the “colleagues.”

Hah, keep at it. If you feel great and are getting the results you want, you’re not overdoing it.

Back off when that condition isn’t true anymore.

I think adding in Smolov would good too. Look it up.