Over Cooked Turkey?

So, i had a long sleep last night and I woke up so tired i dozed in an extra 90 minutes. Fuck! But more so if it is overtraining. I am too soon after time off to make that likely though. It is true that my energy level slump coincides with starting into a turkey I cooked Boxing day. I have a new meat thermometer, but thought during cooking i likely placed it not in the deepest part of the bird, and so to prevent undercooking i let it sit in the oven a while longer than what was indicated as the cooked temperature. When it came out, the breast meat on the surface had brown marks here and there beneath the skin. the bird was dry tasting, so i cut some off and let it sit in olive oil.

Does anyone think I trashed the nutritional value of this turkey? I actually hope so, even though my money is wasted. I am eating today other food sources and want to see if training tomorrow suddenly picks up.

Please and thanks in advance to anyone offering insight.