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Over-Analyzing Is Killing Me


Mentally. I have a tendency to always over-analyze just about everything I do. Training, studying, work, sex, walking, breathing, eating.. basically everything. And I've done this for the longest.
I see it's not helping me one bit, it's actually very disturbing, and it's really hampering my progress overall.
It's almost as if I'm sometimes unable to enjoy certain things when I start thinking about them too much, like I'll only be able to see the negative or not-so-good side of things.
Has anyone else had this problem and how did you overcome it?
Does concentration skill have something to do with this? Because I have a hard time concentrating as well.


You could have OCD and/or an ADHD disorder. Many people have obsessive traits and times when they can't concentrate but do not have a disorder. The way you know that it's a disorder is when it becomes a problem, e.g. can't get things done, lowers quality of life, happiness, etc.

Many kinds of doctors can treat this but a psychiatrist has the best tools for this. You can always start with your internist and work from there. Don't be afraid to investigate, at worst it will only be a learning process about yourself - always a good thing.

Good luck.


You are the perfect candidate for an engineer. OK, so I am kidding. I think the above poster has made some valid points. MTV once aired a special on OCD. You can check out a lot of things on the web. Education is sometimes the best medicine. This also is right in time for the new Tool album discussion because of the lyrics ''over-thinking, over-analyzing separates the body from the mind.'' Sorry, I had Tool on the mind.

Good Luck


Thanks for your input. I actually don't know much about OCD, so I'll definitely try to learn more about it. ADHD and ADD I read and heard about some, even thought about Asperger syndrome, but I did a test online and it showed that I don't have Asperger's syndrome, though I don't value online tests. I've never been to a doctor about this either.


Are you talking about a thread on this board?


Pertaining to Tool and the poster above, yes. You could probably do a google search and find out a lot. Sorry i wasn't clear.


It sucks being smart, doesn't it?
Smack your head against a concrete wall and watch reruns of Springer. Become a meth addict, go bowling and watch Nascar. Throw away your library cards. Your problem will be solved.


I can't believe people are so quick to jump in with OCD and / or ADHD. You people watch too much TV. Specifically, soaps.

Dizzle what you are "sufferring" from is a common "problem" that a lot of people do. It is not a disease but no doubt is often a pain in the ass. You can call it a disease if you want and even give it a name but that doesn't fix it.


I truly beleive that the only way to cope with overactive thought process is to just sit in one place without doing ANYTHING for a few minutes everyday. Just sit on a chair and think of absolutely nothing. :slightly_smiling:


I quit smoking dope.

\|/ 3Toes


Seeing things from all angles. Realize there's a good and bad inherent in everything.

It's best to perform the sincere action. And not to worry about the results afterwards, which are out of your hands.

Maybe just know that this over-analysis, it's not helpful. If you suffer through it long enough, you'll eventually wake up.




Just didn't catch your drift.


I've heard about that. I haven't tried it though.
Just thinking about nothing is very hard, but it'll probably come along with time.

But wait, should I sit on a chair or on the floor, knees crossed or what? Should I do it in the morning or in the evening? Or middle of the day? For how many minutes exactly?
^See what I mean? :slightly_smiling:

Actually I'm kidding but I'd probably start thinking about those things.
I might have to try this.


Yup. I wouldn't want to label myself too much, because it would kind of excuse me from doing some things properly because I have a condition. It wouldn't be all that bad though to know if there really is something wrong.


Well, I don't smoke, but good to hear quitting helped you.


I tend to over analyze things as well, but I wouldn't say it is due to OCD. Much I would attribute to just being too cautious, afraid of uncertainty, whatever you care to call it. It's like you're paralyzed by too many options sometimes and in the end you make NO choice. Miss out on a lot of living that way.

I've gotten over it by simply realizing that if you pick A over B, truly nothing terrible is going to happen! Worst case , if you're not happy with the choice you made whatever it may be, you fix the situation and don't make that choice next time.


Start calculating your ROI: Return On Investment.

Paralysis-by-over-analysis stopped real quick for me, at work at least, when I realized that most people won`t go the the length of analysis that I did. Searching for the lowest common denominator, cover-your-ass, or politically correct answer always seemed to come out of the (promoted) office politicians. After a couple of deceptions, one adapts.

I am an introvert and this sort of over-analysis takes over when I have no clear goals.

Run your life like you would run a small business. Focus on what gets rewarded (results). Yes, there will still be self-talk. But having clear goals cuts it by many times, and the internal chatter is solution-obsessed, so it doesn`t go into endless loops.

I learned that 2 seconds ago.(Will Smith in Wild Wild West remake). Now that`s ROI.


Lateralus is one the greatest songs ever written, and Tool rocks. Now lets just skip along to may 2nd so I can get the new album ^^.


I have this as well and people call me pessimistic. I say a pessimistist is an optimist with experience. :stuck_out_tongue:


L-Dizzle - better check your star signs!
are you a libra or virgo? - if so submit to a lifetime of overanalysis and procrastination.
I got it bad - i'm on the cusp between the 2!
Sorry no help there, but at least you can resign yourself to it!