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Over Age-55 Female Powerlifters?


I'm anxious to hear from female powerlifters over the age of 55. I just started working out at the gym with a personal trainer in May 2006. I am a 65 yr. old female and wanting to hear the experiences of other women who are on this journey as well.


The oldest woman competitive powerlifter on this site is firebug9, who is in her 40's. She has a log in the Muscle Sorority called "Firebug's Road to the Gold". You may enjoy reading it. There are also some younger women competitors in the Sorority who post their logs, CVB, g'em, c. to name a few (sorry if I forgot anyone, I was only including the ones that I know compete.)

I must say I really admire your dedication. Unfortunately, you are a distinct, but elite minority amongst women your age. It takes courage to be a trailblazer and stand (almost) alone in this sport.

I'll bet firebug9 can put you in touch with a master's level lifter.

Good luck


firebug9 is the powerlifter to talk to.
Good luck with your training! Jimmy T