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Over-Active Traps During OHP?

So I had dropped OHP for a little while after having 0 progress with it for months. I’ve been diving back in, and this being my 4th week in, it’s not a one off. I’m progressing fine with it, but my traps are fucking shot. Which seems a bit… not right. My traps are actually one of my better… features I guess youd call it. They’re strong and prominent. And they are taking the brunt of the abuse.

Any ideas why?

They’re called into play to keep the bar stable and push through at the top of the rep. It’s not unheard of.


I think when you lock out fully your traps and shoulder blades kinda engage to lock that overhead position in (not exactly a shrug but still working hard)


I suppose you guys are right, I just dont recall the overbearing soreness after the fact. Whatever, I’ll just chalk it up to a weak point being brought up. Thanks!

You’ve been blessed with trap genetics it seems!


Are you a lean back, press in front of your head presser or an head thru the window, finish with the bar above your ears presser?

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A horrible bastardization in between?

I’m conscious of trying to “push my head through the window” but as form starts to fail, or just a break in concentration through reps I’ll definitely catch myself leaning back. Ie. I’m aware and try to avoid it, however I have to keep constant mental notes of it to make it happen.

Traps also get a significant stretch at the bottom of the movement, help to keep the scapulae down and back when activated properly.