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Over a Year on CYP, Help

I’ve been taking Test Cyp for about a year and 3 months without stopping and I’m a little nervous about stopping/continuing and I’m looking for thoughts…
I’m not a “bodybuilder” type… Just an average joe… I’m 41, 5’9 about 215.
I need to shed about 20 lbs but I’ve not been able to devote consistantly enough time to the gym… Hopefully that will change soon.
I’m currently taking:
1.25-1.5 mg Test Cyp every 5-7 days (some weeks it’s 6, others it’s 7, its changed over time)
I take .25 HCG the two days before my shot (but I break out like HELL and need it to stop!!)
And Anastrozle (this varies I usually take it 1/2 a mg tablet once, sometimes twice a week.

I don’t feel the results like I felt six months ago and yet I’m afraid to stop becasue my test levels were super low a year ago and for about the first 8 months I felt like a beast.
Then I started adding Decca and went thru a cycle where I took .5 ml of decca with the Cyp once a week… That made me have problems with erections, breakouts, and generally awful sides…
I would like to either cycle off (safely) or continue my doses but I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I’ve recently (the last few weeks) had a little bit of trouble getting/ maintaining an erection again and I’m breaking out on my back like a madman!!

Any advice or help would certianly be appreciated…


The first 8 months “you felt like a beast” was the increase from your natural (low) levels. I’ve heard lots of HRT docs discuss this sentiment from their patients. The first thing you need to do is discuss it with your doc, if that’s where you’re getting it from. Staying on a maintenance dose of test for extended periods of time is not going to give you that continued “high” like you had when you started. That roller coaster ride only goes so high. :slight_smile: IMO, that’s about the most addictive thing about steroids. Only way to keep it is to up the dose. You WILL plateau if you’re taking a minimal dose and don’t have an excellent handle on diet and training.
If you’re spot on with diet and training, and plan to stay at a relatively low dose, then you should expect the gains to come a lot slower than they did those first few months.
If that’s not enough to satisfy you, then you need to ask yourself what your goals really are…