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Over 60 Skin Sag


I went from a fat 190 to a fairly muscular 150 at a steady pound a month through diet and training (squats, rows, weighted pushups, T-Nation style core stuff like Pallof presses and roll outs). If I 'stand tall' you see a hint of 6-pack and serratus, but in a plank/push-up my stomach skin actually hangs off the muscle. I expected inelastic skin in my sixties which is why I tried to lose weight gradually over 2+ years. I'm pretty content with my overall condition but I am curious about other people's experiences and what the future might hold.


I am going on 64 and the future is what you make it more or less with all the problems of getting older. First off your doing well that's all that matters. If that loose skin bothers you so much go see a plastic surgeon, then you will have the abs of a 20 year old with the head of a 60 year old lol.. No seriously isn't that they way it is? I am just lucky I don't have THOSE problems but I have other problems so. I think at our age we have to let how our bodies look go and concentrate on feeling good and being healthy. As for others in their 60's here or anywhere there aren't that many. Continue to improve and fun doing it.


Yep, that's about it. Oddly enough, though I know I was way stronger 30 years ago, I seem to be more densely muscled than ever. I lost weight to to forestall hip and knee problems and I'm happy with the result. I really thought there would be more of us on these forums but it's been a month since I posted this. What do you think happens after 30 years?

There seems to be so much enthusiasm on these boards and in the gyms. Does injury finally take its toll? We seem to be in agreement that you can always find some kind of worthwhile goal or challenge. Oh well, enough of my ranting, thanks for your kind reply and all the best to you and anyone else who might be out there.


I'll be 60 this year and have only seriously lifted weights for about 5 years. Prior to that was very athletic: played every sport I could get into (except golf - bores me really). I have my share of nagging problems, too. Like being very carb sensitive (goes right to the love-handles), shoulder inflexibility, etc. Hang in there old man, this site needs more of us who are not only long-in-the-tooth but also loaded with wisdom - lol.


I'm with you, Mudshark. 60 is a magic number in that regardless of training background and nutrition some things are just going to show their age. Maybe it's skin elasticity, sinovial fluid and membrane fraying, prostate issues that prevent a good night's sleep - who knows what! Really, who knows? Would some real expert tell us?! Are there any experts for the old but NOT infirm?

I need to stop here and acknowledge all the lifters with cancer, kidney failure, arthritis, lost limbs ... who find a way. I find the articles about training around chronic injuries very useful, but I wonder if the systemic effects of aging require special management of volume, intensity, progression, and expectation.
I went shopping for a birthday card today and found that cards for old folks outnumber any other age group. I see similar opportunity here.


medmal, there's a saying: if you look around the room for the expert and you don't see one, it's you.

You are the expert in this area, because no one else knows. We have to teach them what is possible.


arachne12: if I'm the expert, we're in deep doo-doo. But of course, you're right. I'll do my best. I'll keep posting here and I hope others will, too. If there's enough interest we can try for an over 60 forum (assuming 60 IS the magic number).


hey medmal, keep sling iron buddy, youll benefit from it, i am 61 yoa 5'7", 210 down from 228 about a yr ago. i have been out of the iron game for 2 1/2 yrs now, just recently started lifting again due to injuries. i am doing the 5x5, m w f for right now, starting slow.


Metabolism definitely differs around 60. I'm 58. Strength is what it was 25 years ago. Arms, shoulders, are still the same. Joints need TLC when lifting, and it seems I am always working around injuries of some sort. Abs and lower back are the big trouble spots for me, but they always have been.I think there are still goals and I look forward to each days workout like I did at 16.

Wish we had a thread for over 55. I have kids over 35!


I'm with you, Josann. I'm 56.

As Gironda once indicated, I did achieve my best condition over 50. In fact, at 54 when all my training and diet know-how came to a head. And still holding. Strength can improve for longer than I originally thought, but care and common sense needs to come to the fore regarding joints, soft tissues, and recovery.

At present the skin is a bit different than when younger but not sagging. Then again, my weight has stayed in the same range for over 10-15 years. I think that matters.

I made adjustments in the way I perform reps that helped greatly--the biggest being to remove Stretch Reflex altogether and use brief pauses between reps (this reduces the damaging effects of the 'cheat' rebound, which is all SR is) . Also hard squatting and deadlifting no more than 1 day per week, and 2-day and 3-day programs really work, and help strength and recovery. Also found that Ibuprofen right before bed after that day's heavy session helps clear inflammation a lot; I hypothesize this is due to the sleep + ibuprofen factor.

Good to see this talk going on.