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Over 60 and Looking for a Good Balanced Program

I am a 60 year old male who is looking to maintaining overall fitness and health through strength training, conditioning, and mobility work. Could you please share what some of your programming and routines look like?

I’ve done a 3 day total body workout Monday is 4 sets of 8
Flat bench press
Lat pulldowns
Shoulder Press
EZ curls
Tuesday 40 min cardio I like elliptical jogging pace and AB workout
Wednesday 5 sets of 5
Seated rows
Incline Press
Shoulder press
Tricep extension
DB bicep curls
Thursday cardio and ABS
Friday 3 sets of 12
Lat raises
Calf raises
Now you can customize this with what ever exercises you like if you don’t like squats do leg press use dumbbells or machines where you like I’m a big believer in using machines I like plate loaded over cables

I’m a fan of Jim Wendler 531. Many ways to implement the training. He has a 2x2x2 program. That might be what you want.

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Soon to be 65yo lifter here…I would suggest checking out StongLift 5x5, (linear progression) the app is free and you can adjust the increases as you wish.

Carl in Dover

Have a look at my super simple posts about getting back lifting with health problems, my plan has been so simple it seems too simple, yet I have managed to stick to it and avoid injury for five months…