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Over 55. Squat Twice a Week?

How many of you over 55 squat twice a week? How do you program them? I want to do full body routine and trying to figure the best way to program them in. I normally lift Mon. and Thurs.


Why not give Dan John’s Mass Made Simple routine a try.

I followed this routine and whilst I did not reach the full target of 50 squats in one set I got stronger and fitter.

I will be giving this another go in the near future. I am 56 and still believe I will get there one day!

I’m almost 58 and I squat once a week and have made gains every week.
It works for me anyway.

At 59 y.o I have tried 'em all. From 1x/week to GVT (3x/week). It really depends on what else you are doing (volume and intensity) and your recuperative abilities. How do your legs feel squatting 2x/week and how is your energy? Recently I’ve found that resting between squat sessions for 7 days or more (but not more than 10) my legs, hips and lower back feel “springy”, strong and ready to go with good energy and I am able to stay “tight”. Sure, I might be able to force myself to squat 2x or even 3x/week but it will soon lead to over training and stagnation. I prefer one high quality squat session/week with good form. For me its more about quality than quantity because really the key indicator is progression - if you are able to make progression squatting 2x/week then go with it - otherwise try 1x/week. You could also experiment with squatting every 3rd session and check your results after a month or so. I no longer get hung up on frequency of training - I have a home gym and I can take that extra day of rest when its needed and come back stronger the next day. I wish I had this wisdom when I was younger b/c I probably would have made much better progress in my prime years.
A good whole body Mon-Thurs routine is squat one day and dead lift the next - or do squat assistance only on the 2nd day. Another way to do it is to pyramid up close to your max in one session (low volume) and then do 75%-85% (higher volume) for your chosen set/rep scheme the 2nd session.

I remember reading Mike Mentzer saying thoroughly worked large leg muscles need at least a week to a 6 weeks to recover and be ready for the next work out. I thought that was total BS. At 71 I am working out once a week, and with proper diet loosing fat, and getting stronger.

At the same time, on Friday a vein on the back of my left hand broke at breakfast, swelling like I had a tennis ball on the back of my hand. Scarred me beyond what I even want to think of. VA’s urgent care stopped the swelling, got it down and I have and appointment some 10 days from now. I just kept fearing a vein in my brain breaking causing a stroke.

Up to now working out once a week has worked well for me, but I am sure I will be lowering the weights and increasing reps very slowly.