Over 50 Training and Strength Standards?

I think if one considers training age as a critical variable then this table can be too easy, too hard or somewhere in between. I bet a lot of long time lifters at one time considered the tables too low only to reach a point injury and age related changes wise now consider them quite challenging.

That’s an interesting observation. I haven’t looked closely at what is supposed to happen in 3 years. If there’s a sudden drop ahead, I don’t want to know about it. :slight_smile:

Also, I’m not sure what these arbitrary labels like “Elite” mean. According to the age-adjusted charts, I’m Elite in DL, Squat, Bench, Press, and Pullups. BUT there are female PLers my age who are just in a whole different class in terms of strength. @kpsnap and I were talking about this one time. These are good for the ego, but most of the competitive people here would say these standards are pretty low.

Looking at strength standards that aren’t age-adjusted, I’m still Elite in Bench, Press, and Pullups and just missing it by a hair with my Squat. Both my DL and Squat are in between Advanced and Elite. BUT wow. There are women in my weight class who have WAY bigger lifts. I’m not sure what to think about the usefulness of any of these. I think our perception is skewed because people here at TN tend to be aware of what the top lifters can do.

Hope you’re doing well, on_edge.

You’re Elite in everything in my book, PP. :blush:

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Oh, gosh. Thank you. Back at ya! I’ve appreciated so much talking to you here about so many things. I hope you and your family are enjoying the fall. In another world, we’d get to go to eat a few Baja tacos.

On Edge brought his family here on vacation a few weeks ago and we got to lift together one morning. Very fun. Our spouses were busy with work or kids so we didn’t get to meet families. I would have loved to see his rugrats. Next time.

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Yep. The age adjusted charts are ridiculously low by competitive PLing standards. Like not even in the ballpark for my age/BW.

Aloha lifting friends, I will be turning 58 coming this July. I’ve been lifting for more than 4 1/2 yrs. now and continue to lift at lest 4 to 5 days a week. I love christain thibaudea’s "Strength Indigo program, also his fat lost/hypertrophy Indigo program. I’ve also done his Hard Body Transformation program, and the Extreme Hard Body Transformation program. Let’s just say, my favorite gym bar is my own lifting bar. Age hasn’t get to yet.

Greetings, new to this site,
Just turned 50 this yr and been pretty active since I was a kid. Thankfully the old bones still seem to be holding together not to badly and good to see there are plenty more of us out there.
My workouts, and my ability to perform them haven’t dropped off to much since my 30s and 40s so I will be curious what the next decade brings me.