Over 50 - Train Hard But Diet Is Failing Me

I think you’re making good progress. Just be patient. I also believe you need at least a couple days off (no cardio, no weight liftin) a week (remember you aint 25 anymore). And play with your diet a little. Being 53, I understand your position. My background is I started lifting around 20 and got up to 235lbs. I quit when I was close to 40, only to start up again within the past few years. Muscle growth and strength increases do come slower at this age but it does come. I’m not near as strong as I us to be. But my 1 rep max on bench is 280, squat 315, deadlift 405. This was a couple of years ago. I only do 1 rep max to see where I’m at. I mostly work in the 6-12 rep range. I’m currently around 182lbs (bodyfay; calipers say 7% but I’m probably around 12%). I eat between 3200-3700 calories a day. My training split is: Chest/tris, Back/bis, Rest, Shoulders, Lower body, Rest, Rest. Cardio is simply walking 30 minutes after working out.