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Over 50 Beginner


Yes, a beginner at age 53, 5’11’, 170lbs.

I’ve been doing a 5x5 program for a couple of months now and enjoy it. Here are my 5RM so far

Bench: 135
Dead lift: 205
OHP: 95
Squats: 145

My initial goal is:

Bench: 170 (body weight)
Dead lift: 255
OHP: 145
Squats: 170

I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Each time I do one of the four major exercises after a 10-15 cardio warm up. I then spend the remainder of the time with assistance exercises. Nothing specific on the assistance exercises other than chest and arms on bench day, back on dead lift day, shoulders on ohp day, and legs on squats day.

I will update my progress on a regular basis.


Quick update. upped my squats by 10 lbs. everything else staying the same. getting close to upping my bench. Taking it easy on shoulders (ohp) while I work through some soreness.

Bench: 135
Dead lift: 205
OHP: 95
Squats: 155