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Over 50 and Wants to Cut


Hey guys, this is more of a question for my uncle. The has been on a 10 year "bulking phase" becuase he works for a chinese technology company so he only has time to lift and eats whatever they give him. I'm trying to create a program for him but he doesn't want to lose the muscle that he's already gained. He's also had 2 operations for his appendix and his Gall bladder. I 'm usuially good at giving fat los advice , but not when it comes to older lifters. He's 53 years old 280lb 6'2. he says that he wants to lose 50 lbs but i don't know if thats too much. So how ofetn id he able to lift? Should i Keep in at a 3000 caloire limti (BMR is 2389 and he's active), Should he even take any supplemnets?

Thanks Guys


Lift as often as you can recover from. Depends on the individual, and varies greatly especially as one gets older.

Increasing muscle mass is the absolute best way to lose fat. And at 280 lbs, with only 3000 calories/day, he will lose muscle mass unless he is lifting consistently imo.

Imo, only worth .02, being 230 lbs at 6' 2" is a perfectly reasonable weight; BUT, losing the weight gradually is key; and if he feels great and looks good after losing only 25, no reason not to stop.

Supplements? fish oil, and probably Vit. D; protein shake (peri) post workout (very important given his caloric restrictions)

p.s. insert all the usual caveats here about the value of interwebz advice, consult a doctor before embarking on drastic lifestyle changes, etc., etc.


I've found that limiting carbs to 100g per day, mostly pre and post
workout, and 30-40 min of fasted( 1 scoop of whey in water), light cardio,
in the morning does the trick for me. Other than the 100g carb limit, I make
sure that I get 1g/lb of bw in protein. No other restrictions.


I left out the 4 days a week lifting heavy things
with intensity.


This pretty well covers it, plus I like the advice below about a.m. fasted cardio. If he is a healthy over 50, which it sounds like, shouldn't be too different than cutting at 30 or 40. I have friends in PL and BB in upper 40s, 50s, and even 60s. Shit doesn't change that much if you are healthy. Biggest factor might be pre workout/fat burner stuff. If blood pressure is an issue approach fat burners carefully.