Over 50 and Taking HGH Without Guidance From a Dr?

Hi guys, I’m looking to potentionally get my Mum or Mom for you Americans haha,
onto HGH treatment as she is 58 so I think it would be benificial for her.

I’m thinking at her age it would be wise to do under a drs supervision, I was wondering is there anyone here who takes it for ageing purposes and not at bodybuilding doses, who could offer some advice in terms of what bloods should be taken before starting treatment, also thoughts on checking for cancer before starting?

Thank you

Doctors supervision…

I’m older than your mom (American).
I don’t take hgh or any meds actually.
I have a medical doctor degree.
I have no idea of the dosage. If she were to have a side effect from following advice on the internet for dosage,how would you feel?
If she interested in hgh , you can do better for her than asking on Internet forums ( I’m a big fan of t- nation, I don’t think it’s designed for dosing your mom’s meds).

I have contacted a clinic as I do believe a Drs supervision is best here and although I’m all up for self educated experimentation on myself, another person is not something I’m comfortable with.

I am only asking here for information purposes and to see what other people in this age range do to help with age related conditions.

Dude … don’t dose your Mom. Why on earth without labs do you think she needs it? @studhammer runs growth regularly. I’m sure he could chime in on typical dosing. I know what people run but have never done so myself so I will sit on the sidelines with popcorn in hand.

Don’t worry man! Haha I’m not going to dose my Mum, I’m just looking for info from people around that age who take GH

I have ordered IGF-1 labs and full bloods for her, and because she has a lot of symptoms which could be related to low thyroid and also low GH and HGH declines a lot by the time we are in our late 50s so anything I can do to make her feel better then I would.

I’m big on health and longevity and she isn’t so much so I’m trying to push her into a more health conscious lifestyle as she gets older

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Definitely check out the thyroid. Hypothyroidism is way more common in aging women than men. The would likely stick her on something like Synthroid which is basically T4.

I typically run anywhere from 3 iu to 5 iu. That’s plenty to get your blood levels above normal