Over 45 and Still Lifting

Turned forty five, thirteen days back. Enjoy reading what others are doing, and thought I would finally keep track of my lifting. Never lifted competitively.

Bench Press: Sets of three, ramping up to max for day, Koji style (22 lbs) with chain (12 lbs,) dangling each side of standard olympic bar for total weight of 68 lbs.

Speed Bench: orange band at 95 lbs: 5 x 3

3 x 255 lbs (weight includes chain wgt of 70lbs.)
3 x 275
3 x 285

Reverse BP: grey band up to 315: 3 x 1

Pull-ups 3 x 8 wide, medium and narrow grip in order

Welcome, us old bastards are happy to have you.

Welcome. I’m looking forward to following your log.

Thanks for the welcome. Tonight was Squats. I squat medium stance with bar relatively high on back.

Jumps: I squat onto a cement block, sit, jump up and hopefully over my bench 5 x 3 (Garage door closed for this one!)

Speed Squats: grey band + 135 lbs 5 x 2

Squat (Koji): worked up to 325 x 2
345 x 2
355 x 2

Reverse Band Squats (grey band): up to 415 x 2

Now, MNF time! Wednesday will be Standing Overhead Press.

Welcome youngun. Always room for more if the bigguns would stop hoggin all the room.

Happy belated birthday. And welcome. I’ll be 45 this weekend. Unless I just decide to skip it.

Had to google Koji squat.

Got it from a Dan John’s website (koji squat). I dangle 22 lbs. plates from the bar by chains.

Thanks for the responses. Last night was Overhead Press night.

Push Press: worked up to 205 for 3 x 1

Overhead Press: 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 175 x 3, 185 x 3, 190 x 2 (new pr)

Overhead Press: 135 for 3 x 8

1 min sledgehammer, 1 min rest, 30 sec sledgehammer, 30 s rest, 30 sec sledgehammer, 3 rum and cokes!

Still sore from squatting on Monday, that is what age does for ya!

Sledge work looks fun. Might have to steal that, cause I’m like that.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome lab45! Cool Squats, I wanna try those.

Okay. One week trial starts tomorrow, feeling pretty good physically, had one of those fortysomething naps on Saturday, have felt pretty good since, wish I could patent those!

About three hours before this workout I did 3 circuits of hang snatches (95 lbs.) for 3 reps, medicine balls (12 lbs.) slams for 3 reps and band pulls (red bands) (bent over row position) for 5 reps; trying to do each as fast as possible

Standing Broad Jumps 4 x 3

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams (that’s what I call it) 4 x 3

Power Cleans up to 205 for 3 x 1, then 215 for 2 x 1

Overhead Medicine Ball Throws (as high as could) 3 x 3

Wide grip pull-ups 5,4,3,2,1

Sledgehammer 10 reps, rest 10 seconds, for 4 sets

Bench Day:

medicine ball presses: 4 x 3

bench press from rack (roughly top half of lift) work up to 315 x 3 pause between reps

bench press standard work up to 275 x 3, 285 x 3, 290 x 3

push ups 5 sets of 10 as fast as possible

Welcome lab, I’m 41 and will follow your log.

Thanks for the welcome. I hope you find something of value in the log. The 290 x 3 was a five pound increase over my last bench workout! I was happy about this. We will see if the squat has moved tomorrow!

I like the sledge hammer work. I’ve done it myself alternating with tire flips. Sadly, I’ve been a bit lazy. Plus, I hate conditioning work.

Took a week off from lifting because of work. Back at it and feeling pretty good. Decided to get back to squats first, so can get good and sore for a good week, lol.

Squats: worked up to 295 x 2
315 x 2 good speed
365 x 2 koji style (new pr)

Medicine ball tosses overhead 3 sets of 3

Seated Jumps: sit on cement block and jump over bench 3 sets of 3

Gotta catch up here.

Did 3 circuits of the following:

Standing Overhead Press 8 reps at 135 lbs, koji
Overhead Medicine Ball toss 8 reps
Sledgehammer to tire 20 reps
Farmers Walk, with 2 x 100 lbs dumbells, probably 25 yard course

This was not fun until I felt better, which was later that day, much later!

Yesterday, did Bench Day.

Bench Press: 225 x 3, 245 x 3, 275 x 3, 280 x 3, 290 x 3

Then, circuits: 3 sets
Overhead standing press (koji): 165 lbs for sets of 5
Medicine Ball chest throw into chimney! sets of 8
Sledgehammer into tire: sets of 15, 12, 10 respectively

Then, went back to work . . .

Wednesday was squat day.

Worked up to 365 x 3 (new pr)

Then, did reverse bands up to 415 x 1 (very hard)

Did some broad jumps 5 sets of 3

Excuse my ignorance but how do you do koji presses? Do you use really long chains or do it seated? and are your weights including chains or without?. You have a nice mix of strength and speed work in there.