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Over 40's Routine Help


I’m in my early 40s and haven’t trained for a few years. I have some long-standing and apparently unsolvable injury issues: lumbar spine problems and subsequent disk surgery and shoulder problems on one shoulder. However I can train around these usually.

I need a weight training programme to assist in gaining muscle and dropping fat. I’ve already dropped 1/2 stone in the last month and am continuing with the lowish carb/high protein and veg diet.

I definitely cannot squat or classic deadlift but I can use a sled-type leg press. I can do one legged deadlifts just fine. I have to keep shoulder work to a min and find that careful one armed DB lockouts don’t set off the shoulder.

Given those constraints, can anyone point me to a decent routine to follow for a few months? I’ve started reading up on it again and have been reminded of all the varied advice out there ranging from 3x full body a week to various splits and just want something effective but not too complex that I can do whilst training alone.

I made up this routine and have been doing it a week but want to be sure I’m doing the right thing:

Leg Press
1 legged SLDLs
Bench Press
Seated Row
External Rotator work w. cable
Various planks for ab stability
Dumbbell shoulder press
Lat Pull Downs
BB bicepts curl
Calf Raises

3 sets of 10.

The reason I have pullups at the start is that I can only do 2 of them so I get them out of the way. When I progress to being able to do a more sensible amount they’ll move no doubt.

Thanks in advance for any help forthcoming.