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Over-40 Training Rules, 3-Day Split?

Would you consider writing a 3-Day per week program based on this article some day?

Woow good stuf. Probably 3 times a week FBW will fit good. Something like 31 for athletes

I really needed this article. I’m past 40 by 15 years now, and I need to dial it back. My clue was I went 6 per week. Felt ok, but drained. I switched to 2 on, one off, felt better. Was going to stick with that. Then life got in the way and I went every other day for a week and I feel better yet. Need to use the articles to get 3 whole body routines with varying intensity and volume throughout the week for body parts.
I should focus mostly on fat loss and lean tissue maintenance instead of lean mass gain.
Should work loaded carries in alt with bike sprints.
I’ll figure it out. My quads suck and I’m turning them around with slow eccentric DB goblet squats.
Shoulders are improving because I’m doing lateral raises more frequently and effectively with the articles here.
Back is improving by dropping weight and holding at peak contraction for 2.
I’ve slowed my eccentrics on everything.


Well, not as an article. Don’t hate me for this, but the fact is that my main source of income is selling training programs. Every time I write an article about a program I am my own competition. That’s why I now prefer to write articles that explain concepts and how to use them.


I’m actually writing an article on how to design a 3-days or every other day program. And among the literature I’m reviewing, there is a cool study showing that gains in strength and size are just as good after 10 weeks when someone uses consecutive or non-consecutive days.

By training every other day you will not get let gains and by feeling better you will likely be able to progress more in the gym. That’s what I’ve been doing and my strength and muscle quality is up.


Oh no hate at all. Can’t get mad about a guy making a living. Maybe you’ll release one on your home site for purchase some day.

Would also like to hear. I’m 43, hard gainer, started few years ago, now following The Best Workout Plan. Maybe I should switch to 2 push 2 pull in a week? The Best Workout Plan is low volume, but the first 3 days with all these squats and deadlifts in a row is still demanding.

I would pay for a fat fossil 3 day per week training program

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Okay, 57 here and doing full body EOD training for the last year after a lifetime of 7 days per week.

CT, are you thinking of neurotype-based EOD programs for the over 40 crowd??

So at work I have been moved to the 11th floor. There is a gym on the first. Would it be crazy to go down, do a set of 10 reps incline press and neutral grip pull downs, RPE of maybe 6, walk back up the stairs?

my training from the last few months includes one slightly lighter day, so I can do it consecutively after heavier day. I am very happy with the results.


1.front squat
2.push press
3.chin up
4.supinated curl
5.rear delt exercise

1.standing one leg raise (for hip flexors and even gluteus medius for the standing leg)
2.hip thrust
3.leg curl
4.suitcase carry
5.gastrocnemius exercise

1.front squat
2.slight incline bench press
3.pronated row on bench
4.reverse curl
5.side delt exercise

1.romanian deadlift
3.side delt ex.
4.rear delt ex.
5.shoulder protraction in push up position with hip belt on lumbar spine, with legs slighlty elevated (good for abs)

E - this is the training i do at home - it could be done on the same day as D or really anywhere if it doesn’t interfere with the day I do gastrocnemius
1.calve raises in deep squat resting position (for soleus)
2.tibialis anterior raises ( I just lie there and put the tibia of one leg over the toes of the other)

I know this is far from whta Thib does but maybe someone finds it helpful

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I must say that I loved that article too. It just reaffirms where I’m at in my training as well. Training 3 days per week or every-other-day is working wonders for me. On my off (“yin” days), I like to do restorative exercise to counterbalance what I’m doing on my training (“yang”) days.

I know you designed the “Best Damn’ Workout Plan for Natural Lifters” but I would be interested to see a companion piece focusing on this 3 day a week concept. For the every man, I think that works really well.

He’s got a free article series on his site called “Jacked Athlete 31” that seems to follow the premise, at least in terms of frequency and days per week.

@TrainForPain… Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll check it out.

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That’s too much work for an older lifter. I’m working on an article about 1-on/1-off training


It’s understable, coach, no one’s gonna hate.

Could you, maybe, advance what split you think would be better for an older lifter, generally speaking? Like full body, or upper lower upper?

My father started to take interest in my home gym and now he’s here EVERY DAMN DAY.
Your article came at a good time, I hope it knocks some sense into him.

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3 options:

  1. Whole-body 3x a week

  2. 3 whole body workouts (only big basic lifts+ + 1 gap workout (only isolation work) 1-on/1-off

  3. lift-specific plan 1-on/1-off (squat+assist/off/bench+assist/off/deadlift+assit/off/overhead press+assist/off/repeat)


I agree (I assume it was reply on my post). I am 34 actaually and my post was quite irrelevant to this topic - I’m just excited about my training and I have always thought I found that universal workout.

That said, I’ve been working out like this for almost half a year and still getting results. However I take a few days breaks from time to time, my workouts never exced 50 minutes and my strenght is nowhere near yours.

I’m also waiting for your article, because well, I know that time passes quickly and was also thinking about training “every other day” or 3 times a week.

It’s funny though, how in my theerties I am fitter and healthier than most twenty-year-olds.

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Thank you coach. Much appreciated.

For us tragics who want to keep competing, is your Motor Skill Acquisition technique from the Beast Building article a good choice for our competition lifts?

Say for the deadlift I will do a variation early in the week (eg. RDL or trapbar) ramping up to a hard top set but on day 3, I will do a competition deadlift using Motor Skill Acquisition (I’ve been toying with capping it at 15 minutes)