Over 40 T Cycle with Var

I’m just over 40, and in relatively good shape. 5’11" 185lbs about 10.5%BF I’ve been training off and on for the past 20+ years. My only medical issues are occasional asthma and my joints are really achy. I noticed about 2 years ago it was nearly impossible to maintain strength, build muscle and stamina was at an all time low. Additionally I was in a permanent brain fog with crap self esteem. I have since been on TRT, originally overseen by a doctor until I realized was a financial scam it was. Then I started self administering. My TRT regimen was about 150mg a week with the doc, about 200-220mg when I do it. Dosages vary because I pin every other day, to prevent the hormone roller coaster. I’m also an .25 of AI ED. About 5 weeks ago I started dosing at 100mg EOD which is effectively about 300-400mg a week on average. I have seen tremendous results while on just test alone, as one would surely expect. I was considering adding Var to the cycle for the remaining 5 weeks at 40-50mg a day (still trying to determine dosage).

My girlfriend has recently raised some concerns with Kimbo recently in the news. So my question is how safe are these dosages for someone at my age. I know everyone responds differently. I also realize that the UG Var I have could very well be some variant of Winny in disguise since my tablets are unmarked and not in a blister pack. I know my body responds great to test, but i’m bit worried about the orals since they are new to me.

Is the water safe to swim in?

Safe is relative. Everything has risk associated with it. That being said running var for a onth seems pretty mild in the long run. Orals tend to be unhealthy though in terms of lipids. I am more concerned you pin EOD. Dang dude. You a masochist?

Honestly pinning has not been that bad. I have had some past surgeries and have a few areas on my body which have zero feeling. I’m also taking a course of peptides, which in which I am pinning 3xED.

Hmm, after reading this, maybe I am a masochist.

This Kimbo thing is just another excuse for the media to label steroids as a possible cause… which it could be… but it could also be every other legal drug under the sun aswell as personal health issues which never get a mention…

Anyway, I am sure the more research you do and documentaries/Youtube videos regarding steroids and their effect on the body you will soon come to your own conclusion on how they can be used safely for a lifetime… And how even steroid abuse must be pretty fucking heavy to cause any real issues.

Mild test based blasts over your TRT dose is going to do nothing other than reap you rewards and a better quality of life.

Just eat clean and generally live in a healthy manor and there is no reason to really expect any health issues.

If you start to head in heavier compounds like Tren or hepatoxic orals like Dianabol, then you need to be more responsible with them and take plenty of time off between… still staying on the TRT doses of course.

Thanks for the reply. I’m back on TRT based dosages at 150mg per week. I’m not doing any sort of PCT, but did consider stopping all together and doing a few weeks of Clomid in order to clean my system up. My TRT diagnosis was borderline at best, but I do feel worlds better when on Test. Ideally I would to blast in about 8 weeks out. I’ve considered adding Tbol or Dbol but, TBH still need to determine what is the ideal oral if I decide to add in another AAS. I’m also not opposed to leveraging peptides, I think the research in that area shows promise. Not sure what sort of target dosages I should be looking at for a safe blast?