Over-40 Smolov Squat-Based Cycle

hey all,just thought id share my opinion on smolov base cycle,its the 3 week one,squatting monday,wednesday,friday and saturday,i tested my max week before i started this and i did 210kg raw just with belt,so i plugged in max of 195kg as i was told to knock 15kg of true max,im 41 natural and weight 103kg,i found first week tuff getting use to squatting 4 times a week,weight was good and depth was atg,

i ate like animal and slep very good first week,second week was tuff,y arms and upper back was suffering,i use low bar squat,i found 7x5 session tought because,on wednesday i did 5x7 and thursdays 7x5,because i had to work 12hrs every friday,saturday 10x3 days easy,im into my 3rd week got 3 sessions left

i will test max in two weeks and hope to hit 220kg or 230kg,its a tought routine,but if ur mentally and physically strong youll love it,i really enjoyed it,legs feel like rock,i think if ya wanna push ur squat on try this…

Yes, if you’re a squatter, you should try this. Tough as hell. Also of course dangerous as injury can happen.

Good luck with the max attempt. a 10kg pr should be good.

Enjoy the joys of bruises on your back, shitting your pants and nosebleeds. :slight_smile:

just finished smolov base cycle,tested max today and got 220kg raw belt only,so smolov works,i added 10kg to my squat in 3 weeks,would i do it again,no,reason been its alot of squatting for a 10kg gain,i prefer my own squat routine,but i enjoyed it…