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Over 40 on TBT

I’m over 40 and doing CW’s TBT program and I posted earlier about weight and strength loss. Well finished my eighth week and here is where I am.

     Before    After

weight 240 210
waist 40 35
chest(relx)42 44
upper leg 24 26.5
calf 16 17
bicept 14 16
neck 16 16.5

now the strength numbers

      Before     After

B.B. bench 305 285
Back Squat 335 325
Deadlift 345 345
Clean 185 165
Front Squat 225 215
Military(BN) 185 155
All above for 5 reps.

The reason for this post is to say that my goal was to lose some fat but not to lose muscle and strength. By eating healthy and following the TBT protocol.
Least to say that I am pleased with my over all results and thank CW for the program. Will be taking a week off and start all over again…