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Over 40 Lifting Routines

I’ve noticed a number of recent threads with emphasis on the unique needs of over 40 lifters. As a young 44 year old male I’m interested in learning what routines (EDT, HST, Renegade, etc.) the over 40 crowd has used and which one’s have generated the best results. I’m also curious as to what diet and supplements have contributed to your success.

I’ll get the thread started and remember the more detail the better. As far as hypertrophy I’ve had the best results so far with EDT. I did the intro EDT program over a month ago and saw these results. Started at 5’9", 172, 15% bf, 34.5" waist, 13 7/8" arms (no laughing), 38.5" chest, 22" thigh. After 3 weeks still 5’9", 169, 13%bf, 34" waist, 14 3/8 arms, 39" chest, 22.5" thigh. Calories at 2,400 with a macro 50p/30c/20f. Supplements: Tribex, Myostat (I’ve taken Myostat for 4 months and really wondering if it’s worth it, comments?), Multi Vitamin, Flax oil, Low carb Grow, Surge, Creatine.

I liked EDT for it’s simplicity, the challenge, seems to burn fat better than any other workout I’ve done, increase size for relatively short cycle and it’s fun. I haven’t done that many strength programs (low reps)so I’m hoping some of you will post a strenght program that worked well for you.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

Cannot reply to HST/Renegade/EDT training per se. I have incorporated parts into my routine. I have questions about Myostat myself. I have been using it for 3 1/2 months and don’t really see the results I thought I might see (my expectations to high?). I did see much better results from MAG-10. When cycling the 10, I followed the everyday person (not split routine) and saw great results. I do use the not frequently seen lifts once a week: clean and press, overhead squats, woodchoppers, etc and they produce results. At 49 y.o., I am 5’9", 190 lbs, 6.3% bf, 45" chest, 26" thighs, 17" calves, 16.25" arms.

I don’t know about Myostat. I’ve been on it several months now and can’t decide if I’m seeing results or not. I think that one thing is for sure: you’re not going to see results fast, and you’re not going to see (Myostat) results using a high-volume routine like EDT. I think that it’s more the power-type routines that are going to really increase muscle fiber, and that’s where the Myostat’ll come in (if it comes in at all). My acid test is coming up soon; I’m going to do a MAG-10 routine where I fully expect to gain about 9-10 pounds, as I have in the past. This time, though, I’m going to be on Myostat and will expect (if it really does work) to see better retained gains.

As for EDT, I like it a lot. 5x5 is also good for strength gains, as is 1-6. Supps: Mag-10 of course, but if I only had to pick ONE supp it would be Tribex. There’s just nothing like it for the over-40 crowd. After that, Surge. Can’t worry enough about recovery at our age.


Agree on the Tribex for the 40+ lifter. I just turned 40 and this stuff gives me a serious pump in endurance and ability to build muscle. Not as much as the Mag10 has but it certainly comes close…for me.