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Over 40 Lifting Guidance

I’ve been lifting for 4 years now and really enjoy it. I’ve been using many of Ian King’s programs (Great Guns, Super Strength etc) and they have been great.

I’ve increased in strength but haven’t gotten the lean look I desire. I’ve chalked it up to age (I’m 47), diet (altho I’m eating more veggies, fruit and lean meat) and the fact that I had my thyroid removed last year. It seems that my metabolism has slowed and there is 10-15 lbs that won’t go away.

So the question and guidance I need are there other programs out there that I should be using? Are there better ways of reaching my goals? I workout ot home and have a bench, barbell and dumbells. My goal is to build strength while trying to lose weight through diet and excercise.

There may have been a string on this subject previously or an article written but I haven’t found it. Can anyone help?

The thyroid threw a curve ball. I’d still suggest frequent (2-3 hrs) small meals. No simple carbs (including bread). Cardio 3-4 times per week. All these will help to increase your metabolisim.

Are you on any meds for the thyroid? If so, check with the Doc about adjustments.


What works for me (and may not work for anyone else) is choosing a weight and bodyfat goal. Then multiply that goal weight times 10 (180 x 10 = 1800) and eat that many calories per day until you reach your bodyfat goal. Once you have met your bodyfat goal, slowly increase your caloric intake with protein to build/keep muscle. If your bodyfat goes up again, drop the calories down a bit.

You could try 12 x your goal weight to see if that’s enough.

Focus on lean protein, lots of veggies and complex carbs. Don’t fill up on carbs. Fill up on protein and veggies and toss in a few complex high-fiber carbs.

Drink lots of water or green tea (good iced).

Unless you supplement with (insert anabolic here) you will lose some strength as you lose weight and bodyfat. Focus more on quality lifting (form and technique) instead of quanity lifting (weight and reps).

Are you taking synthroid?

yes, I’m taking 200mcg of synthroid + 40mg of lipitor.

You may want to check with your doc about lowering your Synthroid dose and adding low doses(5mcg) of Cytomel spaced evenly throughout the day for a total of 20mcg.It worked for my wife she went from 150 mcg Synthroid to 100mcg of synthroid and 20 mcg of Cytomel and lost 15# and feels much better,she is 43, lifts and does cardio 3-4 times per week,I also agree with the 5-6 small meals centering arond lean protien, just my 2 cents

Here is what I recommend, and I am very serious.

Spend $45 on Charles Staley. It’ll save you years of trial and error, and you’ll make great gains very quickly.

I’m 43, and until this past April I hadn’t been in a gym for 20 yrs.

Here’s the story, check it out.