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Over 40 & Hairy Ears


WTF is it about being the far side of 40 that means my fucking ears have to start sprouting hair? I keep plucking, they keep sprouting. I don't care how lean, buff, and studly the rest of the package is, it is hard to feel cool with goddam hairy ears. Short of chopping my dam ears off I am wide open to suggestions.


buy a nose/ear hair trimmer


At least yours waited until you were OVER 40.


Amen Doogie




Second the trimmer suggestion, as well as that other comment.


ditto, I'm 29 and have hairy ears and nose..

Very hairy back, shoulders, chest, neck.. everywhere in fact.. it sucks..



Yup. Not yet at 40, and been battling the Ewok ears for a while now. Sucks. A lot. Trimmers help. Need two mirrors to do it right.


Stop rubbing that andro on yer ears! :stuck_out_tongue:


It kinda hurts a little, but try a weedeater.