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Over 40: Full Body, Upper/Lower Split, or One Main Lift a Day?

Which do you prefer and why.

I gotcha.

For anyone else or for future reference, it’s an option in the text box when you’re writing a post. Click the gear thing and it should pop up:

Also, there aren’t a ton of guys over 60 here (but there are a handful), so you’ll probably get more input if you loosen the criteria a bit. Just a suggestion.

Hi Teach, 65 here. retired (10years) and go to the gym 5 days a week usually spend 90 minutes which includes taning, stationary bike 20minutes to warm up. Then 1 hour on one body part like back one day, legs one day, chest, delts and arms, abs are everyday. I usually pict 3 exersizes and do 6 sets of 12 reps. Choosing a weight where I can’t get the last few reps from the last 2 sets.

My goal is slow but steady growth, injury is alway 1st on my mind. Healing can take months and you may never come back 100%

I also stay away from the big 3 because it is way to easy to lose your form and injure yourself. Its just not worth it. Too many of my HS and college buddies that lived at the barbell rack are cripples now, shot knees and hips jacked up shoulders.

While I prefer full body I find I can recover from one main lift a day. I like Wendler’s Triumvirate.

one lift a day is serving me well for health and happiness, but thinking one main lift and one assistance lift x four days a week as I am actually getting better conditioned.