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Over-40, Changes to Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters?

If I’m following the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters 1 & 2 and I’m over 40, would I want to follow the day to day workouts as written, but just put a day off in between each workout and maybe not take the full rest week off?

So instead of completing the cycle in 6 weeks, a cycle following the manual would take 10 weeks + 1 workout day.

Would any other parameters need to change?


Well, the amount of daily volume doesn’t really warrant a 1-on/1-off schedule. I’m a big fan of 1-on/1-off but it might not be the best approach with this specific plan as it was designed with a higher frequency/super low volume in mind. I MIGHT recommend doing 2 work sets instead of one on a 1-on/1-off schedule. But it is theoretical at this point as I’ve ever tried it.

Thank you for the reply. I will continue the manual as written as I’ve made excellent progress in part 1 and part 2 so far.

I think I may be going a bit to hard on the 1 to 2 warmup/practice sets prior to the main work set.

the 2nd “warm-up” should be pretty hard… pretty much what most gym rats would call a work set.

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Sounds good. Thank you.