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Over 35 Yoga, Stretching, Flexibility, Mobility Routines?

To all the 35+,
What does everyone do for flexibility and or mobility?
Until recently I would spend 5-10 minutes doing some basic work before training. Recently due to some knee pain I’ve cut back on the treadmill ( my winter cardio work) and started a more dedicated stretching program. My hope was to try some beginning yoga, but after about 3 minutes I was in way over my head. I’m now progressing from the “warm up stretches”to being able to do a little bit. It’s been about 4 weeks.
Feeling a little less general soreness and slightly more mobility.
I’ve tried things like this in the past with little lasting success.
Anyone else have any experience with yoga?

I’ve never done it as a discipline, but only for the effects certain movements deliver.

Downward dog for upper back realignment
Cobra for scapular stability
I don’t know the name of the one where you stretch up as high as you can, like you’re trying to touch the ceiling…

Tai Chi movements are good for strength-in-extension too in some ways.

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My ex-wife taught yoga. I was never good at it, but I still do some of the stretches in the morning. And just touching toes and doing knee bends help, too.

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I used to be big into circus arts and flexibility - had front splits, back bridge, etc. Generally I’d spend 15 minutes a night stretching, bumping it to 30 on days I didn’t workout.

Flexibility improves through repetition. You don’t need to do a lot, do it often.

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I love doing stretches and yoga poses for about 15minutes but I do them in the middle of my gym time. More for a rest or break between say back and chest.

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To add a bit more… finding yoga for men, who are a little older, but not nursing home , is a little challenging. I did find a little bit on YouTube I liked.
Any recommendations appreciated.