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Over 35 on Google + ?


meh, tried to set up account, but on work laptop, which has a version of IE that Google + apparantly doesn't support. Try it from home sometime...


Pretty much and you better bring good whiskey and cigars, you know we have standards.

Pete just download goggle chrome for the laptop, Matty got me using it a few months back. Much better than IE in my opinion especially for Tnation.


IT security, which I sit next to, has it buttoned down very tight on which browsers you can use. I have chrome on home PCs, love it actually...


^ I should have known better, I have my laptop up and plugged into the server here. My desk PC is straight company property. I have to run their IE and it sucks balls.

I use my laptop for everything else, since I dont have to use there hardware I have less problems.


How the hell do you find people on there? I found you Derek, so now I have one acquaintance.


Shit really? was that yesterday or today?


Never mind I added you and started a thread with actually everyone who posted in this thread.


Well is there a disco minus, i remember disco.