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Over 35 on Google + ?


Any of you old farts and fartettes on Google+ ?




I'm so old I don't know what that is. Seriously.


It's like Facebook, but better, sort of (IMO).


^ dis


Technology scares those of us over 35.....



I am already juggling so many forums, lol, but I have started to set up an account.. will get there in what will appear to be a long time from now...



I keep thinking that I'll make an account because of that but Google might be the only company thats worse on privacy issues that Facebook so I keep putting it off.


I am on and I am easy know same name in both.


Wait, that's YOU?


"Internet King" is so funny, I love Simpsons. Kind of reminds me of the time I was working at a friend's house when his 3 yr old son walked in and asked "What you doing?" I said "Well, I'm editing this subroutine in actionscript 7 to auto-increment the layer's X coordinate based on frame cycling according to the layer's translation properties." He just looked at the screen and said "Why?"


Sadly, I understand that.


Warning sign #1.

"Dear, will you come to bed?" "Just one more compile! Just ONE MORE COMPILE!!!" Warning sign #2: thinking you can stop anytime.


You're scaring me!


Yep I'm there but the place is DEAD..................


You just have not came to the right circle, ours stays busy. Well at least me and Edgy fuck around on there during the week.


I try to liven it up every now and then.


Yes sir you to, but you are the young buck in the old folks home.


I am the kind young soul who visits on Christmas, knowing that no one else is coming to see yall.