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Over-35 Friend Wants to Get Back in the Gym


OK, here's the situation...

My buddy is 38. He trained with me on Strong Lifts 5x5 for about two months in early 2010. He is 6'3, weighs 270 and he's about 20% body fat (caliper test last year at 267 resulted in 18%).

He now tells me he wants to weigh 220 and he's asking my advice. I'm on 5-3-1 with West Side based assistance (see my log in the training logs if you like), 5'7 200. I'm pretty sure training with my routine will not get him where he wants to go. Simple math shows if he were to lose all of his fat, he'd still be 224. He's convinced that since he came out of the Marines at 160 and at some point he weighed 220 and felt good at that weight, he should weigh that much again. I told him that he should reassess the goal and get the number out of his head, but I'm not sure that it's resonating with him.

I'd like to steer him toward something that will benefit him. I know he doesn't want to be a power lifter or a body builder. In his words, he wants to get lean and strong. He's very strong already, but not gym strong. Any help is very much appreciated.


Since I always get burnt giving advice I shy away from it. But this might help.



Google Steve Maxwell and check out his blog, or Mike Mahler. Maxwell is big into bodyweight exercises, complexes, conditioning, and mobility work. His background is BJJ. Mahler is a vegan and a kettlebell guy. Both Maxwell and Mahler like sand bag work and swinging a sledge type stuff. Maxwell and Mahler stuff would seem to fit your buddy's goals.

Also, you can't go wrong with pushing the Prowler.