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Over 35/45 Lifter Supplements


I'm a big supplement guy always have been, some work well like creatine others are a total waste of money.

I wanted to see what lifters in our age group are using and having success with. I know there's a nutrition/supplement forum but what works for a 21 year old isn't relevant to me.

Anyone using anything to naturally boost test levels that they would recommend?


At 52, I find squats, deads, and heavy freaking compounds do it for me.. raised mine from a whopping 152 to 547.. all natty... oh.. and food.. LOTS of food..


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Seriously though have moved away from most supplements, protein is about it these days. I do like Rhodiola and powerdrive they just don't fit in right now.


Cookies top my list for 2012 replacing 2011's #1 supplement, Shame.

I also like the cytosport weight gainer with 540 calories and 50+ grams of protein, yes I use weight gainer, mostly so I don't have to buy belts, also because it's hard to choke down all the calories I need via waffles.


Im giving D-Aspartic Acid a try right now, anyone have any expierence with it?


protein obviously, cheap creatine monohydrate, still a big fan of glutamine

fish oil, potassium, multi-vitamin, ACV, glucosomine/chondritin (sp), and have been taking ubiquinol for last several months, not sure what the effects of that will be. these I consider more anti-aging than strictly for lifting/muscle gain


Flameout (shameless plug) Optimum Nutrition Whey and Casein + ON Creatine then a homemade concoction of Asparine/Caffine/Ephedra. Otherwise a GOOD amount of clean food ; ) Have gone from 173# @ 11%bf to 203# @ 10%bf in 15 months ; )


Protein, Glucosime, Pre workout shake, multi-vitamin, and Krill oil

And when i need it lots of Ibprophen...lol


Sex, no I am not joking.

I find when I am having higher levels of sex the better my lifts go, the more productive I am at work, my stress levels are lower and I lean out a bit.

Ihave also found, to my shame, that the supplement that sounds like cracked also helps keep my energy up during lifting.


I am using D-aspartic. Helps with libido for sure. I also take maca-maca right before I lift as well.

Also take creatine,protein,bcaa's,multi-vitamin and fish oil.


I use that as well, really helps power me thru my workouts. I have also used another sup by that company thats an herbal test booster-seems to work pretty well.


I just started with D-Aspartic and had the same reaction. What type of dosing/cycling are you doing with it? I've been putting it in my pre-workout drink 3 grams.