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Over 200, Gotta Be Roids Right?


back squat 1000lbs, gotta be roids, right? lean and ripper, roids. we have gh bellies too.

how bout this guy


not to beat a dead horse


not to 'bloat'


Quit drinking during the day.


LMAO...besides all those old-timey strongmen were big homosexuals


your saying hitler was a homosexual mr won'thavesexcausei'mgay?


Youre wasted , bro.

T-Nation, can Kanada be the new alcoholic here? I think he beats me with this thread.


According to the T-Nation bylaws he must beat you in a drinking competition approved by current title holder (you). 8 members of the T-Cell must witness the competition and a signature from each is required.


wow, its easy to be at worst second best. ct. feel me here you'd whip me


Looked this dude up.

Apparently he holds world records, step aside andy bolton.

  • One-handed deadlift 727lbs, July 20, 1920, Dresden, Germany[1]

  • deadlift 595.5lbs using just 2 fingers of each hand, 1920.

  • Leg pressing 24 men, total weight 4123lb, on a plank with the soles of his feet, 1921.[1]


Phuck me if that's legit.


Theres an old out of print book called 'The Superathletes'. It is research of strongman and stories of strong men during the beginning of existence. He has a chapter where he relates accounts he's found in literature from ancient people like Milo, to old time european warlords and kinds nobody has heard of, into old time strongmen and other guys up to the 1970s.

Its a very interesting book and hard to find in conventional retailers because it has been out of print since the 70s or so. You can find copies here if anybody is interested:


It's legit. That's Hermann Goerner.

One of the greatest strongmen in history - and likely the best deadlifter.

No drugs, no suits, no straps, not even a belt.


not to mention he lost an eye in WWI.


I verified the sources from wikipedia, that's absolutely fucking nuts.


Who cares


Same dude, 17.


Are all these amazing feats verified the same way Bruce Lee's were????


I'm more impressed with that moustache at 17 than his physique at that age...but 700+ 1 handed deadlift...some people are really strong


Not this^^^ guy, I'm guessing.