Over 2 Years on TRT, Can't Get Dialed In

Hi guys, without going into extreme detail I have basically been unable to get dialled on TRT for over 2 years now.

To be honest \most of it if not all of it is my own fault, I constantly change protocol, always assessing how I feel and after a week or 2 of a change to protocol and then I change it again.

I feel like constantly chasing my tail and to the point now where I dont even feel like im on testosterone.

I cant even go to the gym anymore as I feel what are best described as low E2 feelings, soft muscles, loss of strength, unable to get a pump, deflated and no energy at all, but my E2 is normal in terms of bloods

Without posting all my labs etc, basically I have SHBG or 14 - 16 nmol/L and have always struggled on TRT, I cant handle high TT or FT/E" levels and am constantly trying to find a protocol that works.

I was doing 37.5mg Test E every 3.5 days, then tried all different protocols from daily, EOD, weekly Nebido etc, with HCG, without HCG.

37.5mg Test E every 3.5 days on paper gets me steady levels of around 17 - 19 nmol/L TT which gets me to very top of FT range and E2 at low/middle range

I assume that I have causing myself these symptoms and creating my own misery,

I guess I just didnt think even simply changing injection frequency and slight changes to doses etc could cause such a problem, is this normal?

Its to the point now where my mental health is taking a hit as I cant go to the gym which is a major part of my life and my wellbeing

Apologies for not providing labs but I just dont think labs even matter at this point as Im not on a strict or steady protocol.

I’m guessing I just need to have patience and try to stick to a frequency for a good couple of months at least and then reassess?

My problem that I experienced with more frequent injections was that with even decreasing my dose etc my E2 still increased and my understanding was that E2 decreased on more frequent, smaller doses etc, then when I tried daily for a week or two i literally felt like death, I was a zombie and could barely even get out of bed and thats why I just changed again etc

I know there a lot of things Im getting at in this post and I apologise in advance, unfortunately in the UK Dr’s and Endo’s just dont have a clue about this and Im having to kind of work this out on my own, the Test E im prescribed is supposed to be 250mg every 2.5 weeks lol, that says it all

Any help is appreciated, before people have advised to increase dose and do EOD but when I increase my dose as I said I dont do well with high levels, anxiety, bloated, emotionally unstable, mental health plumetts etc

Override the program and settle on a dose, then inject daily. Dont over think it. Without labs, you wouldnt know if E is climbing. So what if it does. It will settle into a rhythm. I dont wanna hear excuses. Start there and stick with it. If you start to mess around, you clearly dont understand how hormones work, and the time it takes to feel the benefits.

how long did you give these protocols? esp with Nebido, even weekly that long ester is gonna take a while to build up

That’s like saying you’re going to run a marathon and you run 10 feet and quit.