Over 15 Years of Training, Well and Truly Stuck! HELP!

Hi people,

I have been training since I was an essentially anorexic 12 year old, I am 28 now. I am tall with very lousy leverages but have never used this as an excuse in the past as I can ATG squat etc. However, I have been stuck on a 170kg deadlift for 4 years, it just won’t budge, I have just finished another strength cycle and stuck at 170kg again, not even 172.5kg, my goal has always been to achieve 180kg. Though I don’t wanna be a fat bastard to achieve this, I have already done that in the past, and it was unhealthy.
Any advice on programmes from vet lifters that helped them bust through an extremely stubborn plateau?
On a side note, I am completely natural, and want to keep it this way.

Thanks for any advice.

Have you tried any deadlift specific routine?

What are you weakness in the deadlift? Identifying them will certainly help as well as a video. Are you weak off the ground, knee levels or at lockout? Trouble keeping tension or rounding? What are you weakest muscles in the posterior chain?

But before adressing all of these a 180kg should be easy for someone tall ( so most likely “heavier”) so it is most certainly a technisue problem and a vid should help…

Current height and weight?

Weight is 210lb and im 6’5, my weakness is off the ground, its weird, like 150, 160 feel so easy, but as soon as i get to 170k, I feel I cant use any of my strength cause of my shit leverage, so i cant just muscle it up, Ill find a technique, however it will be a lighter load. I end up losing any leg strength so my hips pop to get the lift and I round over. Regarding a specific deadlift routine, I haven’t really shut everything down, but always focused on my deadlift more if that makes sense. As in, putting all my energy into the deadlift day…usually run a bench day, deadlift day, mil press day and squat day.

160k deadlift review - YouTube here’s the video, double at 160k.

You need to weigh more if your goal is to get stronger.

I am 5’9 and walk around at 198 at my strongest. At 8" taller, you will need more than 12lbs to create the difference.

If you do not want to be heavier, that is fine. But you have to understand the consequences of those decisions. Try to find other strong 6’5 trainees that weigh 210llbs. You will have difficulty, and any that you find are going to be a rarity. Assume, in most cases, that you are average rather than the exception to the norm, and do the things an average person would need to do to get stronger.


Thanks for the reply. However, I was deadlifting the same weight when I was lighter, like 35lb lighter, I am stronger in all lifts except the deadlift.

Fantastic! Now you just need to get heavier.

Thanks for that, never thought of that to be fair, such a simple concept, ill give it a try eating more food then! Thanks again!

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Have you ever weighed more than 198lb? @T3hPwnisher

I have, yeah.

“Hips pop to get off the ground and I round over…”

While you are gaining weight do some work to Fortify your midsection so you Drive with your hips instead of popping.

Side Planks and Sidebends or suitcase walks for obliques.

Leg Curls and 45 Degree Back raises for hamstrings.

Clamshells/ Hip Abductions or pullthrus or sumo deads for glutes.

McGill Curl ups, Hanging leg raises or Spread Eagle Sit ups for the lower part of your front side.

To work around your leverages and tallness, deadlift from blocks or do rack deadlifts from a height where you can keep tight and not “pop.”

After 15 years, if Deadlifting was going to get your Deadlift up, it would have happened by now. Its time to do some work to build up the muscles that do the deadlift.


Leverages, genetics or someshit may determine your starting point and ultimately where you end up but everyone can improve and get stronger. So we won’t talk about that anymore short of how it affects how your deadlift ends up looking.

+1 to eat to gain weight slowly with adequate protein. More mass (muscle hopefully) in the right places will enable you to lift more it’s as simple as that.

From a glance at your form vid I’m gonna say learn to brace your torso, engage your lats to keep the bar close and pull the slack out the bar and your body as a system to create tightness and overall a more efficient powerful start position. I’ll link some vids so you can start applying stuff (maybe not all at once because it’ll overwhelm you).

Search YouTube for “pull the slack out deadlift” for that because I don’t have a particular vid to link to you.

Post another formcheck when your deadlift looks less shitty and we can keep work on issues that are still there.


Yeah I had the same problem, not as tall as you but still. I was trying to explode as much as I could and at 150 kg I had no problem but 160 - 200 I would round. So yeah learn to brace and be tighter. Go back to 120 - 130 kg and do lots of reps with perfect form focusing on bracing. Do some abs and lower back work. Also I think your hips might be a little bit too low. And you could try widening your stance a little bit.

Crappy leverages are overcome by adding muscle.

Anyway, what’s your programming look like (more than “I have a deadlift day” please)?


Try this…

You have weaknesses limiting your Deadlift. Start training to bring up your weaknesses.

CT also has a special series on the Deadlift on his ThibArmy blog.

Your leverages have nothing to do with form breakdown.

I’m 6’5" and pulled 5 plates last June while weighing 220-225 lbs. I find deadlifts to be easier than squats.

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I’m no deadlift expert but it looks to me you lifting your hips before the bar comes off the ground. This makes your back look like it is parallel to the ground when the bar moves essentially turning it into a stiff legged deadlift. To me you need to work on taking the slack out of the bar and using your hips to get the bar off ground, not your back.

Basically all of this, and those videos are gold.

If you’re really serious, a good coach would work wonders on you.

One of the accessory lifts that really helped me with tightness and driving with the hips & legs off the floor were pause squats. Basically just a competition squat where you pause for 1-3 seconds just below parallel. I also pull sumo, so this may not carry over as well to conventional pulls.

Also this. Blocks are definitely preferred since they feel more like a deadlift from the floor, but rack pulls will work too.


The 2 strongest men in the world right now are 6’8 and 8’9. They also weigh 400+ lbs each. Your height is not the problem, it’s the lack of muscle filling out that height.

I’ll also add that I agree with Khangles about your form/bracing. It’s pretty sloppy looking, and I think it’s a lack of tightness/bracing that’s causing the issue.