Over 10 Years Training, 30 Years of Break

Hey Paul.
I have been reading a good part of your articles and I am SUUUREEE you can help me.

In another time (feeling like 100 years ago) I was a very dedicated Bodybuilder with good results. Unfortunately life somehow pulled me out of what I loved. YUP Bodybuilding is very deep in my heart, and I want to get back as much as I can being an “old” fart of 49. I believe I can get back in to the game even though that age is slowly creeping up on me :slight_smile:

I Allready started to train, and I am seeing gains YEEHAA, but I only did my training to get my body ready for more, faster and better results.
To get better at it again, I have been traversing T Nation A LOT, and the internet. Unfortunately it have left me in a complete limbo when it comes to a good training program. So so many opinions, so many advices and so many of them contradict each other. I am totally lost.

Anyhow, I have regained a dream of maybe one day I can be part of a Senior competition in a foreseen future, but I need help to get going and start to firstly grow some mass.

Below I have a training program that I created, and I was/am/maybe will be using it for a 12 week program, but I am not sure if it is good enough.
Most of the back excersises are machine since I have a Spinal Fusion, and for now do not have enough strength and stability to do things like deadlifts :frowning: I hope and believe that I can get cracking on other excersises that will help me out on that part, but for now just need mass.

The Following Program is based on a 4 day training interval/week. Mon/Tue Thu/Fri
3 Sets x 8 Reps
Last rep. almost to failure with added weight
Time for each training session 1 to maks. 1½ hour

Inclined Bench Press (Chest)
Flat Bench Press (Chest)
High Cable Crossover (Chest)
Preacher Hammer Curls (Biceps)
Dumbell Concentration Curl (Biceps)
Incline Dumbell Curl (Biceps)
PJR Pullover (Triceps)
Tricep Handle Pushdown (Triceps)
Overhead Press (Shoulder)
Military Press (Shoulder)
Power Partials (Shoulder)
Barbell Pull to chest (Shoulder)
Abs (Mixed)

Seated Back Extension (Cable)
Close Grip Pulldown ( Cable)
Close Grip Seated Row (Cable)
Wide Grip Pull down (Cable)
Lying Leg Press
Leg Press
Leg Curl
Calf Extension
Abs (Mixed)

I do have pictures of myself, from the state that I am in, but it is not a pretty sight as for now. The good part is that I have always had the “Genes”, strength and will to get to the results I want.

I Sincerely hope that you can help me out here so I can get going.

Dennis Vogelius

Replace rack deads with a low back friendly lift.


I would also suggest using a trap bar for deadlifts, if at all possible.

That whole routine is such a mess I am legit not sure where to start with it.