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Over 1,500 Books & Articles on Diet & Nutrition


Hi fellow fat loss buffs.

My goal is to give you all kinds of tips on how to shed the fat pounds and keep it off the healthy way.

I am not a doctor, just someone who has read over 1,500 articles and books on fat-loss, health & nutrition. I have personally lowered my cholesterol from 238 to 174 in 3 months with a side effect of dropping 24 pounds.

Thanks for having me here.


Let me see...all of them say that you have to eat less right? :wink:


Don't forget to do more right? :wink:


And/or increase training volume.


I assume you've read the hundreds of articles that we have here on T-Nation? Do you disagree with the general message found in them--because I find that they contain MORE than enough info for just about anyone to successfully bulk or cut. I'd be curious to hear a different perspective though if you don't think T-Nation is spot on (which I for one honestly do).


Pardon me while I don't give a fuck...


You forgot the :wink:


Is 1,500 just a random number or are you actually keeping track?