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Outward Rotation of Feet

What are the best exercises/stretches to fix this postural problem? My feet turn outwards when standing at ease and I know they are optimally supposed to face straight forward.

I get also get knee/lower back pain which I think is due to poor posture (I’ve got poor posture all round really.)


way to go knowing that you can address this stuff.

may i recommend that based on the issues you’re describing you see a movement specialist?
your over pronation and knee pain may be related.

and honestly, posture - a static pose at any one time - is less relavant than your movement as a whole.

if you PM me with where you live, i’ll be happy to recommend some folks as near to you as possible.

phd, cscs

Thanks but I live in the UK and I guess you live in the US so would not be able to recommend one. Let me know if I’, incorrect.

I have seen a physiotherapist about knee pain but they never mentioned my posture being poor.

They recommended I stretched my ITB, quads, hamstrings and calves and do some wall squats as well as “the clam” exercise which I think strengthens hip abductors.

I did this and it’s helped to some degree (I get less knee pain but still get lower back pain) and my feet still point outward. I also do not feel not progressing any further on my stretches (although I guess it’s hard to gauge.)

I know my posture is poor due to the fact I’ve read my feet should point straight outward and hands should be facing each other by my sides rather than facing backwards and I’ve definitely been guilty of slouching and spending a lot of time behind a desk in the past. I now tend to get injuries very easily which I’m sure is down to my bad posture habits.

indeed you do assume geographically incorrectly. mine is a rather international practice, and most of us know folks all over the world so why not give me a pm, let me know where you’re located - that is, if you want to get this sorted. no worries if not


I have what I call “duck feet” as well. Actually, everyone in my family has it too (where feet turn outwards). From what I’ve learned, this is do to weak adductors, tight hips, and poor posture. One visualization that’s helped me is imagine you’re walking on two tracks (kinda like rail road tracks) that are right next to eachother. You have to keep your feet pointed forwards to stay on the track. It takes work to fix this, but you will feel better if you do.