Outside the Lines

Anyone see outside the lines tonight. It was very interesting report on steroids and other performance enhancers in sports. Included interviews with Dr’s Serrano and Dipasquale…

I saw all but the first 5 minutes or so. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but the “Drugs are bad, mmkay?” philosophy still pushed most of the show.

I liked the part about Lyle Alzado. They spent several minutes talking about the dangerous amount of steroids he took, but the steroids were never scientifically linked to his brain tumor (they said that). It seemed like another demonization story.

It was also funny that they talked about how drugs were handed out like candy back in the day in the NFL. Since steroids are so bad, I guess they’re all dead now. Which relates to another problem I have with anti-steroid people. According to them, millions of people are on steroids, and have been on steroids, so why aren’t people dropping like flies?

I wasn’t a fan of Jason Sehorn’s whiny little ass. Someone must have been using ephedra-based products like a fiend. He can’t differentiate between performance enhancing supplements and recreational drugs. Hint: it’s a little thing called fair play.

And over 5 minutes on how GHB abuse killed ONE kid. I’m not a big fan of anecdotal horror stories. While the story was tragic, presentation of scientific evidence of the true effects of GHB probably would have gotten to me more.

Also, I loved the list of side effects they gave. (Man boobs, sterility, loss of hair, etc.) It really made steroids sound easier on you than most of the drugs advertised on TV. Have you ever paid attention to the side effects of most advertised drugs? Diarrhea, headached, vomitting, little aliens popping out of your stomach and doing a little ditty on the table top.

Well the jist of the show isnt surprising.

Basically it follows along with our drug education policy, which is just a lame way to educate people.

Telling kids that they are bad and then using crappy anecdotal evidence, trying to stretch links where none exist and basically just covering the reality up in layers of garbage really doesn’t help the problem.

Of course, showing kids the real facts about the stuff and educating them correctly may not work well either since then you may be creating users too.

Antiliberal: I disagree with you in that you think we shouldn’t tell people the truth. What do we have to gain by lying to children about drug usage? Don’t you think they can see the true effects drugs can have when they see their friends use them?
People who want drugs can get them. If drugs were made legal tomorrow that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out and start doing blow. I don’t do coke because I don’t want to, not because it’s illegal. However, occasionally I’ll smoke weed because I want to. I don’t care if it is illegal. The government has no right to tell us what we can or cannot put in our bodies.
I watched Bill O’Riely one night and he said…“we can’t make drugs legal because then we will be seeing a huge rise in drug usage”. So his guest asked him if he would start using if they were legalized and he replied no. What a pompous ass! He thinks he is so morally superior then everyone else. A true jerk-off.

I thought it was rather boring. The same ol’ crap, just more of it this time.

No real new info.

i agree with all of the above, and i would like to add that i am glad that they said alzado was using “massive” amounts of roids for 20 years, and that he was also on gh. they went on to say that he attributed his death to the juice but there was never any scientific evidence that proved that. usually they just say lyle alzado died from steroid use.

it was also cool that they had some real experts on the show such as serrano, and dipasquale.

but again ephedra was demonized. they make it seem like if you pop 1 md6 you will fall over and die on the spot. funny ive been using this stuff for 3 years and i have no problems. why dont they use me as an anecdotal report?

Antiliberal, while some kids would start using, I think kids in general would be safer, as there are people doing some real stupid shit in this world right now.

Also, while I’m for some sort of legalization of steroids, I am not for allowing minors to be allowed to use them. I think we could have a safer system than we have now if steroids were legalized. I mean damn, if they start killing as many people as cigarettes, then we can talk.

Which reminds me. They brought up the fact that the supplement industry is basically buying its way through Washington. That’s like commenting on the rat in your living room (supplements) when there’s an elephant (tobacco) sitting on the couch.

Guys, im not saying that more kids would use drugs due to info. Honestly as far as drug policy goes i’m more libertarian in that regard.

Just saying I cant really be sure about the more recreational/soft drugs and the usage that would occur being beneficial or not.

It’s really a hard question. I mean on one hand we currently have this system that isn’t working, much like prohibition didnt work and current drinking/smoking laws dont really work. And due to the laws we have lots of crime that pays very well and will continue to do so.
Removing the laws though is a tough slope in this country. Face it, as a whole americans are a bit too lawsuit happy and lazy about working for their money. We have a whole group of society that is propped up on generational welfare, none of which are being helped by either party and are actually subconciously encouraged to stay in that situation by some politicians who want their votes.

Then we have the entitlement crowd, which is a partial overlap of the welfare peeps. Those people think because of this and that they are entitled to a free living and free cash, and are willing to “work” in the form of suing others to get it.

Allowing those peeps to have legal drugs under current tort laws would just open up the courts for even more worthless lawsuits IMO. Then they could be suing the storeowner who sold it to them even though they were obviously not handling their lives well and so on… And big trial lawyers would all gang up and sue the big drug companies like they did with tobacco and want to do with everything else.

Another tough issue with all of this is healthcare. I work in the healthcare industry, and let me tell you it’s really a quandry. On one hand you have all of these people wanting universal coverage, and on the other you have a bunch of peeps already being covered by govt or whatever else and are abusing it. Abusers of coverage is what makes the costs so high, and without serious rationing there is no way govt could afford to universally cover everyone.

Come on. Alzado was gay.

Is there any corroboration about Alzado being gay? I tried searching for some last year, but couldn’t find any.

Drugs are bad, mmmkay…

Just like anything else, moderation is key. If you do your research and can understand the effects of what you are doing, then be my guest and have at it. I definitely do not condone recreational drug use, but if that’s your bag, keep it away from me.

Personally, I’ve seen waaay too many people on recreational drugs and alcohol be completely retarded and end up on the wrong side of the jail bars. This is why none of my friends do any drugs - healthy lifestyles all around me. Steroid use will only put you in the hospital, when abused.

Lyle Alzado was an idiot for using too much. It’s his own fault, but I highly doubt that his tumor was attributed to him being a user. Maybe he could’ve contracted syphillis or gonorrhea and gone crazy, kinda like Hitler did.