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Outside the box

This is going to seem strange. I have had a lot of good luck in the last year with lower than popular dose cycles. Just generally felt healthier and still gained on average 15 lbs with little to no crash after cycle with proper PCT.

Has anyone ever done Anavar and Nolvadex together and alone?. I am thinking very mild cycle here. Say 20 mg nolvadex/d and 20 mg Anavar/d. I am talking true pharma grade drugs here. Not UGL stuff.

My thinking here is very little shut down. Very little water retention. Mild gains. I have done a series of short cycles over the past 6 months and have a fair amount of size at present. This would essentially allow some mild gains while preserving HPTA to some extent.

One attractive part of this is that I could perform well in MMA type training without the bloat of a test. I have done many cycles over the years running the gambit of drug dosage levels. I have done then with different goals in mind from all out bulk to athletic cycles while competing in martial arts.

What was a good cycle for me in athletics was stanozol at low dose. This anavar/nolva idea would sort of be a replacement for the stanozol, which tends to kill the joints especially when done alone.

im not really going to condone that idea nor encourage it, but i see the path to your thinking, so would recomend the var first thing in the morning and the nolva around tea time, thats along the same lines of logic lol

There is always prop and adex?
in comparison to enanthate and cyp, prop produces very very little bloat if any and adex could take care of the rest.