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Outside of Atrophy, Any Way to Induce Muscle Shrinkage?

So I’m in a pretty frustrating situation. To give you a bit of background, for almost my entire life (until recently) I’ve played hockey at an extremely high level. And hockey is a sport that absolutely torches your lower body. So “Hockey butt” is a very common feature on players as a result.

Unlucky for me, I seem to have insulted the glute gods in a past life, cause even for a player my ass grew absolutely fucking huge. It looks comical, honestly. Never fully realized understood how out of proportion it was until I stopped playing entirely (on teams I was known for a big ass, don’t get me wrong, but it was never a big thing cause everyone else had junk in their trunk too, haha). Well, joke’s on me, cause now I’m in the real world, surrounded by Hank Hill asses, and I’m CONSTANTLY aware of how ridiculous my butt looks (at least, that was the case till self-isolation hit lol).

And it fucking sucks — I’ve become so self-conscious about it. I get that glutes are great and flat asses look like shit, so please don’t give me that. The problem is that my backside is too big. It’s caused so many fucking problems I haven’t even bothered to mention.

My question is whether there’s anything I can do to bring it down to a more manageable size. My posture’s great, and I’m pretty lean fat-wise, so the issue here is definitely just the volume of muscle in glute region.

This is (probably?) a stupid question, so apologies in advance. I just need advice/tips on dealing with this

There is one way…

Make your shoulders, chest, arms and thighs bigger.

Back too, also your back bigger.


Metabolically speaking, muscle in excess of untrained levels is very expensive, and the body will jettison it shortly after the training stimulus provoking it is removed. Thus, to the extent your glutes are/were overdeveloped in response to the stimulation provided by skating, they will shrink if/when you stop skating.

So to answer your question: The way to induce muscle shrinkage is to stop inducing muscle hypertrophy.

Any muscle you’re left with after you stop skating should be viewed as a gift to you from your parents, and accepted as such.


I like the way u think.

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This is the same reasoning I used when I decided to only ever date girls with small hands…


But what if they like bilateral movements like the big barbell lift compared to their harder to progressively micro load unilateral cousins so I this better for gains?

Really really appreciate the response. I did notice this happen in the first little while after I stopped, in every part of my body. Funny enough I was fairly happy with my arms chest and core, though, so that wasn’t exactly a 100% exciting development — even though my ass looked a smidge less ridiculous.

But after this period it’s remained at a still-stupidly-big level, and hasn’t really decreased since then. My family does have a history of “thickness”, and my hockey player cousins all have big booties too, but I’m definitely in a league of my own.

Beyond going on runs, I haven’t done much in the way of working out since self-isolation hit. Yet my glutes are as big as ever.

You think it would be safe to say I’m stuck with it?

Trust me, this wouldn’t help — my ass protrudes like a motherfucker. I see the benefits of continuing to strengthen these other areas, don’t get me wrong, but my body shape wouldn’t be any less disproportionate.

You got advice and tips a year ago. Re-read it.


I was gonna say, I have seen this exact thread before.

“My butt is too big”
posts picture poking butt out in skintight shirt and broga pants (copyrighting that one)

People are a trip, man.


I like broga pants

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Googles broga pants, puts @flappinit on ignore, runs to nearest happy place…

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God damnit, broga is totally a thing already.

Not only that, it’s literally already copyrighted.


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Always painful when that happens.

I thought singing a song and replacing “girl” with “squirrel” was something only I did, and I found out after telling someone about it that Erykah fucking Badu had already done it. That time was still worse than this.

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Nah. I would say it’s a “great minds think alike” scenario- you clearly have identified needs the planet has.